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  1. Ah, Cheers! Didn't realise that existed, sorry!
  2. Do you have a website/anything where I can check out that you're an actual business?
  3. Surprised that there is no sort of 'Mechanic Megathread' on this forum (unless I've completely missed it!). Can anyone recommend a mechanic to fix an '02 Ford Fiesta? It requires a wishbone replacement and also some work on the rear suspension...and a new tyre...re-tracking...basically quite a bit of work. Someone who's reliable based in Sheffield, preferably around the city centre. Cheers!
  4. Exactly what it says on the tin: 8 years experience Have Car Decent gear Been on National/European tours Previously endorsed by major companies Range of Influences, however looking for something heavy yet melodic Looking for a dedicated established band or a group of people looking to form something special No bedroom guitarists, time wasters, liars, unwarranted egos (a bit of ego is necessary) or people wanting to play it safe Look forward to hearing from anyone interested!
  5. Link exchanges are a poor way to increase SEO on a site. If I were you I would look at improving the quality of the coding on your own site and the SEO of your on page content before thinking that a link building program is the way forward. Because it just doesn't work like that anymore unless your link is included surrounded by relevent content to your site. e.g. you write an article about Tuning Fans for another site and include relevant links back to your site Your page took 2minutes to load fully for me due to some dead links to external sites. Without those dead links it was still a good 4-5 seconds. Fast page loading is now a part of SEO, with Google considering 'fast' around 1.5 seconds.
  6. Does this still run? Notice Sheffield is listed as a place they hold events but there haven't been any Sheffield ones for a while...or so it seems... Anything similar in Sheffield for Web Developers etc?
  7. I'll be there! Doubt you'll have good weather though ;-)
  8. Looking to get a lot fitter with some intensive exercise along the lines of high-intensity circuit training or Boxing/Boxercise classes. Anyone know of anywhere good around the city centre area on a pay as you go basis? Evenings preferable. Cheers
  9. Actually Ghozer, you can run MySQL statements from the command line
  10. According to someone who worked there (I think it should be past tense now) the owner had been looking at selling for a year, because they weren't exactly making any money. Their business plan was pretty terrible, charging £5 for unsigned band nights (with no guarantee of any talent) when Corporation and Plug could get you a signed band for the same price. Other than that it was just folk/blues or tribute bands...In a time when people aren't exactly flocking to see bands, you should at least try booking bands that people may want to see! I remember seeing Heaven's Basement there in 2008 and it having a good couple of hundred people...last time I played there was about 10 watching... To cut a long story short, the place went into liquidation at the end of November. I believe the 'refurb' is just an excuse, because it as only supposed to take two weeks according to the website at the beginning of December and has now extended long into 2011.
  11. Loving the Tap at the moment...quite tempted to try the Sink the Bismarck they had in there. 41% Alcohol content but £55 a bottle!
  12. Teamviewer? It's got a timed free version, or you can pay for a Pro License
  13. I have to say we are now experiencing the kind of snow levels I saw in Canada last year. Although we don't expect this to go on for the same length of time I'd like to point out that residents are responsible for clearing the path around their home, which no one seems to bother with here. We should have a couple of snow ploughs though, even if to just go round the city centre
  14. Ok, so my parents have come up to Sheffield for my graduation and we want to go out somewhere to celebrate. Can anyone recommend somewhere better than your standard pub food but cheaper than a Michelin starred restaurant. Cheers
  15. Cheers Stranza, may try that out although would like somewhere a little closer to the centre of town. And Nimrod...you may have noticed that it's my graduation next week and therefore I am not currently a student....
  16. This may seem like an odd question, but I'm looking for somewhere in the City Centre that is good at cutting long men's hair. Generally the standard men's barber's seem a bit freaked out, last one I went in said mine was the longest hair he had ever cut...and it was about 3 inches shorter than it is now! A lot of the salon's also seem to cut long hair in women's styles. So, I'm looking for somewhere that can do a decent cut/style on men's hair that is beyond shoulder length. Not too fussed about the price this time round as it will be a pre-graduation haircut (need to look smart apparently...) Somewhere that can fit in at short notice too! Ta in advance
  17. West Street live has gotten a lot better over the last couple of years, looking forward to playing there for once this Christmas.. Other than that, the Boardwalk has a great sound, but is often empty, Corporation has a dire sound but is packed, and I've not been in Plug or the Leadmill in years
  18. I'd be interested in doing the bass
  19. Looking for an instructor to give me a quick refresher course (not driven since I passed last November) along with take me for my Pass Plus as I'm going to be doing a bit of Motorway driving. Looking to start ASAP, could do with being PM'd as I don't check here much and PMs will come to me via email
  20. Grades mean absolutely nothing. Would probably have been better if you had told us your influences and age
  21. As it's beta some sites will not support it. It only came out yesterday and isn't even finished, so don't expect banks to support it just yet. Security must be ironed out Having tested it with a bunch of other developers at work, we can see a few rendering problems that need to be ironed out and also some general quality problems. These will likely be fixed before the release.
  22. You are quite possibly the only person in the world who could possibly think this... Corporation has some of the worst acoustics I have ever heard. It just sounds like noise most of the time! And this is from someone who has been to a lot of gigs there!
  23. I love Last.fm and it DOES work on mobile. There is a Last.FM app for the iPhone that is FREE and works pretty damn well thank you very much. It also has as many decent artists as Spotify (my band is on both) and in my case, I can find a lot more I like on Last.fm. Only thing I don't like is the lack of full album streaming
  24. phpBB is incredibly easy to install. Simply download it from the site and follow the instructions. Even an idiot can do it
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