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  1. we would be really glad to help at lab13 we are based on pitsmoor road s3 im sure we could help.need to see the old tattoo first.maybe reconstruct the old one.a cover up is the last option
  2. acid burns the skin ,go to a lazer clinic 70 quid per hour approx.far better job on removal
  3. if anyone needs any advice or help .training ,work ,styles ect give us a bell,we would be glad to help. judge for yourself on myspace.com sosktattoo we are based at lab13 pitsmoor road sheffield. freehand specialists in all styles.
  4. myspace.com sosktattoo ... lab13 have a look .we can do any style.look for yourself on myspace.with thanks
  5. hi sosk here from lab13 dean at handsworth is my mate.he dont have a website sorry.hes a very good tattoo artist.great studio.can turn out some quality work.
  6. hi sounds very interesting.would like to help.im a creative writer taking a year out of uni. please get in touch jualms@hotmail.co.uk
  7. i have a great interest in all forms of creative writing.i would really like to join a serious group within the sheffield area.any info would be greatly appreciated. jualms@hotmail.co.uk. p,s dont need any course info .just groups and meets.
  8. hi would love to join a group,all subjects.if any can send me info it would be much appreciated all the best justin. jualms@hotmail.co.uk
  9. hi im new to the city and have a keen interest in all aspects of creative writing.any info would be great.,and much appreciated.jualms@hotmail.co.uk
  10. hi does any of you kind people know of any creative writing groups i could join in the sheffield region?any email address or telephone numbers would be appreciated. with thanks to all
  11. who are you to say that ?some of the best arnt even on this forum.we can all brag off.its the quality and the service.its not about ripin people off with silly prices.i dont do the snob bit and trumpit blowing crap.get real ,every one is good at their job or the shops wouldnt exsist...............
  12. he dont mix much with us other artists in the city.his loss i guess
  13. we can help at lab13 no problem.any subject. http://www.lab13studios.co.uk
  14. god just bought the house,hope its ok.mother nature,what a star.wish i was havin sex.4 .6 ricker scale.
  15. the musical note question????????around 20 pounds maybe 15 :)lab13studios. http://www.lab13studios.co.uk
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