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  2. Thanks Amanda. I did know your father Harry and his brother Frank. Have you any photos of them ? Or of H & J. Could you scan them if you have. Do you know what year Frank died ? I worked with Frank before I left Sheffield. Len F.
  3. I am interested in the history of the Building firm of Hodkin & Jones Ltd. Sheffield. In the early days, there were horse-drawn carts and hand carts used to deliver materials to the various sites. As well as being builders merchants there was also a thriving concrete, plaster, tiling, terrazzop and mosaic departments. I would be very interested in seeing any photographs of the firm and the men who worked there plus any information relating to this firm from family or friends. If anyone has any such infofmation/photographs I would love to be able to copy them to use in my research and any material sent to me will be returned after I copy it. I can be contacted at this email address len@frobson.co.uk Len.F.
  4. Hi Maria.j. I do have a address for, A .Buccieri living in Rotherham give me a ring you have my phone number Len.F.
  5. Anyone have information about a shop at 56, Lord St, Sheffield. From 1900's to 1930's was it an ice cream shop ? Len. F.
  6. I do know of Angelo and Pasqa Cerrone from Italy. Get in touch with the West Bar Italians they will give you my phone number and email. Len.F.
  7. Hi . I did work at Arnold Carters 1957 - 1964 Did you work at Eyre Street / Eyre Lane, or the new building ? Len.F.
  8. Hello - I know of an Angelo Valle, he lived at 4 Barron Street, just off John Street/ Bramall Lane. He was a mosaic worker. I have a document about him with a photo of him and if you are interested we shall be at the West Bar Italian night at the Garrison hotel, Hillsborough, Sheffield on September 9th. (see website http://www.west-bar-italians.co.uk) Len.F.
  9. Hi Denise. I do know of a Teresa Cerrone who gave birth to Pasqua Bernardo in italy 1865. I do know where the family come from in italy. I am also going to the Italian night in Sheffield in September. Len. F.
  10. Looking for Sheffield's Mosaic and Terrazzo workers. Who worked for Hodkin & Jones or self employed workers. Any Photographs would be most welcome. Len. F.
  11. The Roll of Honour "1914 -1918" in St Vincents Church Solly Street, Anyone know where it was re-Erected ? Len. F.
  12. The Roll of Honour "1914 - 1918" in St Vicents Church, Solly Street. Anyone know where it was Re-Erected ? Len. F.
  13. Anyone have any photographs of Terrazzo & Mosaic workers, or names of them ? Or any photographs of work done by these workers who lived in Sheffield. Len F.
  14. Hi Hayley. I do have info on Giovanni's father and his family, you still have family members still living in Italy. Len F.
  15. Hi haylsjay, I do know Info of the Cierelli family Could you give me a phone call Ask Julie for my number. Len. F.
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