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  1. Call Rob Shields driving school, tel-07554015986. He covers your area.
  2. I'd definitely recommend George he is so patient. I passed with him many years ago and I still recommend him to anyone wanting manual lessons.
  3. Sounds delicious i'll give it a try
  4. Hi I'm wanting to make lots of low fat soups this week as I'm off work, I used to make a rosemary connelly low fat mushroom soup but I can't seem to find it. Every recipe I've looked at either has milk or cream in it I don't have milk. I don't suppose anyone has the recipe or a low fat version, plus any other low fat recipes thanks in advance:)
  5. Clampted for what???? Surely you cant get clamped for parking in a bay??
  6. Ok so if I worked in meadowhall and parked there and was issued with an invoice would paying you £16 over turn it??
  7. Hi does this apply to meadowhall? Ive been told that someone has been issued with a fine, meadowhall staff have been told not to park in meadowhall or face a fine, if this was the case would you be able to over turn it kirkbylad?
  8. Unfortunately I'm not in a union. We'll see what happens, as for public transport no thanks, I spent alot of money learning to drive buying a car paying for road tax and insurance, like most people. The thought of finishing work waiting for 2 buses after finishing work at 11.15 when I only live 10 mins away by car does not appeal to me, I'd have to catch a bus to town then wait for a bus to Ecclesfield, get in at gone midnight to then be working the next day. Public transport is definitely not for me .
  9. From the store you're working in???? As part of you're agreement- the store you're working In gives you store approval, so even If you're given a job in a company and the store does not give you store approval you dont get the job. As for the disciplinary - 3 conversations if not abiding -loss of store approval! As for monitoring they are!!!
  10. Hi so today I had the same discussion with another employee who has been told that if you are caught parking you will get a disciplinary. Three strikes then your store approval will be removed. I and others I have spoke to would gladly pay for parking if it means a compromise on our safety. You can't gain access to the new car park without registering your number plate. What if you're working the late shift and there's nowhere to park am I expected to drive round Wincobank finding somewhere to park?
  11. No no suprise, like I said its going to be on a permanent basis not just the usual run up to Christmas. Being female walking in the dark late at night I dont think is acceptable,
  12. I too work in meadowhall and from the 24th of this month we have been told we cannot park there or we will get a fine. Can a fine be enforced? The late nights when we close at 11pm surely our safety should be considered. I and many other employees do not feel safe walking to the coach park which is 10-15 min walk. This is going to be on a permanent basis.
  13. Overpriced blender????? I have a blender it does'nt blend nuts to nothing, I have a juicer so messy and pointless. Overpriced £89.99 worth every penny! Me and my husband both use it he never eats veg, I love veg anyway its just the quickness of it I like. As for the pointless attachments? Like what 2 cups with lids we both use and take to work. I take it you've not tried it,
  14. Hi I put spinach kale blueberries banana or strawberries, and for my nut boost ive been having linseed (as they're a good fat burner) I put mineral water in and it fills me up, still new to it so any good combinations would be appreciated.
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