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  1. That's brill thanks I will have a look x
  2. Hiya Yeh we went to a wedding there the other week but its not big enough. and transport club not really that nice we want some where that looks nice barn ect or just land we can make our own. Thanks for your help xxx
  3. Hi Me and my partner are getting married 10.06.2017 at Norton church but we're struggling for a venue for after!! I don't want traditional we're needing somewhere to hold 250 people and have land for a waltzer and dodgem (or just waltzer!!) we've tried the normal wedding venue's with no luck. so now looking at hiring a field then put tipi's up and maybe even camp. We are now struggling at finding a field!!! Can anyone help???? We can hire millhouse park and graves park but wanting it more private plus we're not having kids so I think in a park familys about will end up crashing. Thanks x
  4. Hi Are you still wanting to plan a wedding??? I'm getting married 10.06.2017 and have hit a wall!!! we are getting married at Norton Church and needing a venue for after. Sound easy right!! well we want it to hold around 250 people and allow us you have a waltzer and dodgems (or just waltzer is fine!) dont want it to be more than 20/30mins away from the church. We're not wanting a sit down meal just a hog roast and a burger van (or something like) for evening. I have been trying to find land to hire and get tipi's but having no luck!!! any help would be really greatful!!! xxx
  5. Hiya I wanting to go to a shooting range its not something i have every done or know anything about!! if any has any info about it that would b brill!! thanks x
  6. i dont!! lol na i like thinks from allsaints, each to there own abit quirky but not in ya face! no just need a wardrobe update bord of all my clothes!! x
  7. Hiya I'm wanting to update my wardrobe but with some thing different!! I'm trying to find independednt boutiques online or shops but failing miserably!!! Anyone know any??? Thanks x
  8. masters degree in accounts actualy!!! lol god people like to argue on here!!!!
  9. going to look at NCP carpark thanks! oh and i have dyslexia thanks for pointing my errors out!! WTF!!!
  10. yeh i'm driving in from woodseats, gotta go into work first so need the car!! plus got all the books to carry!! lol
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