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  1. "Avoid a double-dip recession". Eh? It is arguable that we are already in it, or haven't yet got out the first, no?
  2. There's a piece of 'work' by Martin Creed entitled "Lights Going On and Off".
  3. I'm afraid you're in a valley of a hilly area, somewhere. Accept it.
  4. I did art GCSE at school, and some of what I did was good, but most of I did was rubbish. It was 'art', but it wasn't good. I think we are missing the point here. I think anything creative can be defined as 'art'. However, sometimes people can create ugly things with little effort. Or people can just produce something as disgusting as possible in order to cause controversy, and then class it as 'art' because it provokes conversation and thought. So does Jeremy Kyle. But it still takes a gifted genius with a rare talent to produce something which is undoubtedly beautiful.
  5. Chill. Economies rise and fall, and rise again. And if they don't we'll all be in it together and perhaps bond with our neighbours (we might even talk to people we can actually see) And like all good people do in times of hardship, we'll make do and mend. Keep calm and carry on ;-)
  6. Dresses smart but is unconventional, has manners but can be outrageously funny. Sophisticated without losing the common touch. Manly in looks, but has a sensitive side. Each to their own indeed, but I'd say: 'bitty'.
  7. Isn't anyone watching this? It's such an intriguing storyline, with great characters.
  8. Mentaly ill man that caused a situation that the police had to respond to. You can complain about the police, but they didn't create this situation. Ruined lives. I suppose you have to consider his family and show some respect to that, but to blame the police is just absurd, IMO.
  9. Frecking nora. 2 mins to take out a pair of earrings, hours and hours to discuss the semantics of it. Do the math!
  10. Sounds too amicable to bin it. Charity shop, I'd say.
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