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  1. whats eveyones thoughts of parsoncross im 17 and lived here all my life but just wonder what the cross used to b like and how its changed. x
  2. im dealing with 1990 i dont now much about my norton side of family becuase my family lost contact with my grandad ken before i was born. x
  3. not very far just got the basics what i know and what some off my family ave told me. why? x
  4. hello, i am researching my family tree. does any body know anyone of the surnames Dodd and Norton thank you.
  5. does any1 knw why all the street lights are of dwn longley my friend nearly fell dwn an hole lol. (compo!!!)
  6. my great grandma n grandad practically lived there and when they passed away thats were there ashes went. x
  7. Does anyone know of my grandad he is called kenneth norton used to live in parsoncross but dont now were he is living now him and my nannan split up n i never got the chance to meet him. just would like to see him or hear from him sometime. my nannan is called christine norton. pm me if you have any information thankyou x x x
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