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  1. could do to my darling father was diagnosed with pre senile dementure in the 70s he was only in his 40s. in 2000 he had cancer and beat it even complications that goes with ops. in 2007 my dad was addmitted to hosp with a chest infection, no cough or sneezing just a temp, he never came home, i sat with a man who would have loved to have lived but died the most horrible way, meds was taken away, food and drink he was left to die like this, his lips and mouth was parched to me i truelly beleive this was murder but its supposed to be END OF LIFE if there was no more that they could do why didnt they just give him a drug to stop all of his suffering. im sat here now and once again my heart is breaking and tears are falling for the man who loved me and i him but there was nothing i help him..........
  2. hope you dont do it,its a horrible place to live.i moved away from there nearly 2 yrs ago. i moved there for my partner and it was the worst thing ever i lived there 14 yrs, you would think after that lengh of time i would have made some friends NO, i was a outsider. im just woundering is it kenworthy road you may move to???? Hope you take my advice i felt so alone. this is how bad they are, i took a job of working for st lukes the hospice just walking my butt off to help people with cancer, none of them would give me their lotto money cause i wasnt the usual lady and they didn't know me.i would rather live on the streets. the school are no good my son spent most of his life in tears cause every one picked on him including the teachers, he tried to hang himself and took a overdose, when he was 14 he had truely had enough of being called stupid lazy deaf ect he refused to go bk his weight dropped off him his mouth was full of ulcers i stuck by him he never went bk. i got him on coarses and 1 day a week he went in to college, A lady their was concerned about him. to cut a long story short my son had aspergers and no one picked up on it until he was 17, he is 22 now and at bournemouth uni... hope this helps you decide there is nothing nice about it x good luck
  3. how many of you have been concearnd enough to report this behavior to social services?i would if it is as bad as you say, a child only screams when there is something wrong, surely. i would aso love to hear a ice cream van so that i would be able to go out and get my kids a icecream, taggies preferable like when i was a child. yummy!!!!
  4. i tell my kids to keep it down and respect other people and they do, but somewhere along the line i think some of us have forgotten what it was like to be a child!!!
  5. hi, please can you let me have this info too, thanks
  6. stocksbridge i am asking £20.oo thanks
  7. hi cute babies 8 weeks old 20.00 each 0114 2883931
  8. please please help you never know you may need the help of cancer research one day just as we did hi every one my daughter s are doing the race for life to raise funds to help people with cancer. melanie is a student nurse and is struggling to get sponcers due to her being run off her feet with working in hospital and studying we would be very grateful if you would sponcor her you can do this by going to http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/melaniemonaghan thankyou so much for taking a look
  9. sadly my parents have both passed away mum to cancer dad to dementia. to see this was so beautifull my parents never asked us for anything they didnt need to we were there for them to the end as they were for us.I only have my memories of the love they gave me and seeing this was a pleasure just as it was when i cared for my parents i only wish i could have done more. thank you for sharing this with children who love and care for the parent who did their best for their children x x
  10. hi all my older brothers and sisters attened that school, keith left arround 65/66 i think. thanks for the advice but we have tried that way
  11. my brother keith attended there, he is looking for a friend called john womansley or something like that do you know him thanks
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