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  1. A new bar has opened in Kelham Island. It is in the same place and building that used to be PA'S BISTRO, on Green Lane near to the Stew and Oyster Pub and The Milestone Restaurant. It is called BAR KELHAM Looks as if they serve Guinness as well as some top-end beers and lagers.
  2. Can anyone help by pointing me in the right direction for a shop that sells XboxOne parts in Sheffield? Need to buy a replacement drive belt and cannot find one anywhere (except a secondhand one on ebay). Surely you can buy them from somewhere?
  3. Good suggestion, i can remember an old work colleague used them ages ago and said they were good as well.
  4. Just tried these gasdeal guys (was going to order a spare bottle) but their phone number is "not in service", think I'll stick with my local Sheffield stockist! ---------- Post added 18-11-2016 at 10:30 ---------- Came across this http://www.finditlocaldirectory.co.uk/bottled-gas-stockist-sheffield.html
  5. I know this is an old forum thread, but for anyone now that needs a local business card printer in Sheffield, you could try Manor Press on Normanton Spring Road S13. They design and print business cards on the premises.
  6. Not personally used them, tend to use Autocraft services on John Street or Freedom Garage on Underhill Lane in Sheffield. Both know what there doing in my view
  7. It's that time of year again when the cabinet heater is on in the garage. for anyone interested i am getting my refills of bottled gas from mf hire at east bank road S2.
  8. I don't know a fence maker in the area but i am sure Wickes was supposed to be opening soon on the Crystal Peaks Drakehouse shopping centre. Last time i used them they had good quality fence panels in stock and were more reasonable on price than some of the other large outlets i visited. If you need custom fencing though i'd do a quick search on google and see what comes up...
  9. For anyone interested... "a new Sheffield bottled gas stockist" in Eckington, near Mosborough etc. Just drove past in the car...at the main crossroads on Rotherham Road. It's called Youcan Hire and is a Flogas dealer.
  10. For chair covers hire in sheffield i'd try youcan hire. They are at the main crossroads in Eckington (rotherham road?) just down the hill from Morrisons supermarket. As well as chair covers we also hired the matching chair bows as well as the coloured table linen. We could not believe the difference it made to the standard hotels chairs and tables, it totally transformed them and made the reception look really beautiful.
  11. Just logged back into the forum, sorry if this does not sound related but i can't now find the prevous post under the user name clangeroo. I was going to post a question on further information in my local area - should i try and pm them?
  12. Thats what i thought, but as in my previous post based in totley it's at the wrong end (or should i say side) of Sheffield for us. I am not aware of any Ironing shops in south sheffield in or around crystal peaks etc that cater for clients in this local area.
  13. I'd take any unwanted calor gas bottles to Gas & Hire on Shepcote lane in sheffield (near to the sheffield arena). My experience with calor bottles is you can get a deposit refunded on them but only if you have the original receipt from when you first rented the bottle. If you don't need the bottles anymore (and if you don't have the deposit receipt) the easiest option in my opinion is to simply give them back to this stockist - and then the problem has gone! They will take them off you with no questions asked:)
  14. We'd use the help of an ironing shop in sheffield as long as it was pretty local to us. Mainly for shirts and trousers that are needed for work. The only ironing shop we know of though is at the wrong end of Sheffield in Totley where as we need something close to Waterthorpe, perhaps at mosborough, or possibly halfway / killamarsh area. Thinking about it, we would probably use a collection service if available as long as the business could collect our clothes after office hours when we are at home, or even on a weekend. It wouldn't have to be a shop, just a local business service so we don't have to iron as much ourselves. Clangeroo - is the waterthorpe area in your local collection area?
  15. Aware of the date when posted - but i am sure other forum users may be looking for the same info!
  16. I think it can also depend on the individual staff present at the tip on the day you are visiting. Having recently turned up with a transit pick up at the Beighton tip (one i borrowed off a builder neighbour) i had no problem disposing of several household items and bags of rubbish. The pick up was signwritten and it was obvious i was not dumping building materials or rubble! The staff at the Beighton tip just used their heads and let me in. You watch though - next time i'll probably get refused and have to get a permit
  17. You could try MF Hire on east bank road. I know they normally charge for either a one day hire or for one week as a rule, but they would probably do a special deal for you. Alternatively you could consider renting a large angle grinder instead if it will do the job. Being an electric tool (which in my experience are cheaper to hire than petrol power tools) it could work out the cheapest route to getting the job done !
  18. We're off to the Ha Ha bar in Sheffield on New Years Eve 2009! Booked a 3 course dinner for £29.95 each (but will probably spend loads on drinks between the 4 of us - cocktails, shorts, champagne etc). They have told us they will have a charity auction night on! Unsure what this means! Cheap items for sale? Cheap nice items to buy? I've no idea - but this is what the wife has booked! No matter what the food will be good and we should not get kicked out before 12.30am. Happy new year to all Sheffield party go'ers!
  19. Sorry - for some reason i always refer to morrisons at crystal peaks, you are right i mean the petrol station at their halfway store:)
  20. I've always found it's best to ring at least three suppliers to get quotes on a like for like basis. ie: compare a 13kg refill bottle of butane gas (as used in most cabinet heaters) from perhaps calor gas, a garden centre, and a tool hire shop. Or if its a smaller 7kg cylinder compare that exact size in the same way. I usually buy mine from either morrisons petrol station at crystal peaks or at mf hire which i think is either queens road or eastbank road.
  21. We recently hired a carpet cleaner from MF Hire on east bank road for the weekend. They were the cheapest and also delivered and picked it up on the monday morning afterwards.
  22. If you have a car - straight down the M1 Southbound and off at exit 24. The airport is very well signposted on the M1, you cannot go wrong. If booking a taxi expect to pay around £80.00 return if you live in the south side of Sheffield.
  23. You could also try MF Hire on east bank road - just off the ring road near McDonalds at the granville road junction. We needed one for a weekend and found they were as cheap as anywhere else, but also delivered it.
  24. You could try Youcan Hire for chair cover hire (they also supply chairs, tables, and coloured table linen as well as chair covers). Based in Sheffield at the crossroads at eckington near the mossbrook pub. As well as offering a delivery service you can collect from them as well which will bring the hire price down. youcanhire.co.uk
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