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  1. dont think they r guilible just desperate? If you havent get a good credit rating I suppose they are a last resort for sum people or like I have said if you want a laugh you can go and wind the staff up - they should make it a sport - carcraft baiting!?
  2. Thanks, anyone got any idea whereabouts they were?
  3. they are a nightmare! My son was in hysterics when they said what can we do to get you to stay!? He thought they were going to hang onto my leg and be dragged screaming out of the store - good for a laff if you are bored on a sunday afternoon, bit like timeshare prensentations,once you are there you dont get out easily!!!
  4. thanks for that, the company I have been told was ------ and wreakes. Dont know anything else at the mo xxx
  5. Does anyone know of an aeroplane factory in sheffield during WW2? mY NAN WORK THERE WE THINK IT MAY HAVE BEEN ON EYRE STREET, but not sure if anyone has photos or maps or anything I would be interested, thanks for looking xxx
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