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  1. I pick up after my two every time. I was once reported for using a communal bin to put it in. I had a visit from two PCSO to my home they told me not to use the communal bin. Maybe I should just leave it on the grass like everyone else does. There had also been a complaint about dog hair around the flats next door to me never heard anything so ridiculous and I'm sure the PCSO have better things to deal with.
  2. excuse me!! well they don't expect to be ranted at while on 999 calls they're trying to do a job without people being rude!
  3. Easy keep a note on the system of her and her address. If and when she needs an ambulance tell her there's nowhere to park.
  4. paper ideal for pet bedding collection from S8
  5. Where in Sheffield can I donate some bags of decent cuddly's Also I have about ten lots of shampoo n conditioner that I would like to donate to some women's charity. Does anyone know anywhere please
  6. where's the like button. My thoughts exactly!
  7. To the tramps in Greenhill park. Is it really that difficult to put your rubbish in the bin rather than leaving it in carrier bags placed at the side of the bin.
  8. Well whichever council official attended must have poor eyesight take a walk down by the bowling green it's full of it. I think it's the guys who do the park maintenance that spray the little circle with the dog pooing then a line through it on to the paths saying fines will be issued. People know nothing is done so just ignore them.
  9. I'm also a dog owner infact owner of two. I walk daily in Greenhill Park and the amount of owners that do not clean up is disgusting. After being reported to neighbourhood wardens for using a communal bin I was told by the wardens I cant use the communal bins. I asked what about the 100's of people that left it on the pavement. They didn't care about that more worried about it tied up in a bag. I reported this issue to the dog wardens to be told we only have two wardens for Sheffield and they were busy with abandoned and stray animals. She said they would try and start issuing some fines but I've not seen anyone in there. Also the homes surrounding Greenhill park are also areas to watch where you put your feet because again people don't clean up and leave deposit at the end of peoples paths. Just lazy if you have a dog or two clean up after them simple!! Also think the wardens have bigger issues to deal with than using a communal bin.
  10. Even to teach P.E you need good A level results and a degree.
  11. They've been in Greenhill park and round the estate. No helmets. (Then again they have nothing to protect) Damn nuisance. Will be poor little darlings when they get knocked off.
  12. if blood pouring from ear and neck is not good enough evidence I don't know what is. Also been bitten myself again no action was taken.
  13. personal experience police do nothing and dog wardens useless. Hope you and your poor dog are ok
  14. Try ALONE driving my son recently passed first time with this guy. Patient friendly guy. Would recommend based at Bradway 07929 482 670
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