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  1. It does make sense, just seems like there is a lot of them, but there is a lot of work going on in central sheffield,
  2. Just looking from north area of sheffield and can see lots of red lights which seem to be in the city centre, some are high up, just wondering what they were as I’ve not seen them before?
  3. I have one now Thank You, I have to thank Nikki-red for being so kind and bringing one over, Nikki has helped an old lady remain safe tonight, we can not Thank You enough, Thanks again, Julie.
  4. Hi, Thank You for your help, that's the right one it's just they are not open and my mum in law needs one for tonight as she is very unsteady on her feet,
  5. Hi, I wonder if there is any electricians or somebody could help with finding a 28w 4pin bathroom flouresant light please, I need it urgently as it is for my mum in law who has dementia and is unstable on her feet so needs a bathroom light for tonight, the light has just gone and I've no idea where to get one at this time of day, we have a car but unfortunately has broken down so I will pay extra if someone out there could help, my mom can pick one up if you have one please, Many thanks, I'm in the s5 area. Ps it's the Curley type bulb, no:28CFLDA4 3500K if this helps, Thank you. ---------- Post added 14-05-2017 at 17:53 ---------- Thanks mods for moving my topic, let's hope that you never need anything urgently.
  6. Just been in Wednesday's megastore, wow can not believe that there is nothing in there! Apart from new "overpriced" home shirts! Am I missing something here as the season starts in a few weeks and the store has nothing to sell, unless you want winter gloves! Really disappointed at this, would love for someone from club to come on here and explain why this is?.
  7. Hi, just wondering if ipad air 3 will be coming out this year or will it be next year as the ipad pro is set to come out in November, not interested in the ipad pro as I think it will be to big and expensive for a "tablet" more as a laptop size!, Or do I go and invest in ipad air 2?, Thanks.
  8. Hi, I am at my wits end with O2 so I wonder if the customer service team at all the phone call centres use the same script? As every time I ring up about dropped calls u get the same answers such as "we're looking into it" But it never seems to get resolved. The other one is " it says in your contract that we can not guarantee 100% coverage" or something to that wording, not sure as I fell asleep after reading the 67th page!! Would be nice if we had some feedback from vodaphone or O2 on these issues in sheffield, but I guess we are only the little people, Sorry about the rant but again got nowhere with O2 and very frustrated, Thanx.
  9. Thanx for that information Kermit103, it's a big help.
  10. Hi, Kermit103, well done for standing your ground, was this customer service who gave you the good will gesture or did you have to email or write to complaints?, as it would be very helpful knowing this. Thanx And again can mods please explain why this thread has been moved again when as you can see there is lots of interest and would be more beneficial to sheffield people if it was in the correct place in sheffield discussions, which deals with sheffield issues. Thankyou.
  11. Hi, still struggling with network/3G problems, I did start another thread with information on from a phonecall today, but mods have taken it off straight away with no explanation, and all I was telling folks is the areas that are effected. Thankyou.
  12. Hi, sorry to hear about that, same problem with O2 but for some reason mods have taken my thread of within 5 mins of it going on with no explanation, Lets hope this doesn't happen to you, Good luck and hope you get sorted soon Thanx
  13. Hi, I know that I've commented on another thread about O2, but it seems that things are going from bad to worse, basically my partner is having problems with the O2 network, (ie dropped calls, very slow or no 3G.), we have complained numerous times to O2, about this, which started last week to which he was told that there was no issues in the area. After not been satisfied with that response, he phoned again and was put through to network services who tested his phone and said that it must be an issue with 3G, but if there is not enough complaints then they don't know about it!!, and was told that all the masts at that time were working in the area, And the best thing to do for the time being is switch your phone to 2g, Still not satisfied after ringing another 2 times, first time he was told there was 2 masts with problems in the area, and after today's conversation there is now 5 masts that have problems, but will not compensate him for the poor network service and having to go on 2g, This he was told is going to go on until at least the 29th November, and could even go on longer! The masts that are going to be worked on with the problems just around his area are: Walkley, Spital Hill, Crookes valley park, Kellham, Shirecliffe, And no doubt a lot more, So I ask anyone who is having any o2 network or 3G problems in Sheffield to ring O2 customer services and ask to be put through to network services and also ask what O2 are going to do to compensate customers, Thankyou and Good luck
  14. Hi, me and my partner suspected this, but O2 are trying to hide it, so the more people that keep ringing constantly reporting this issue, the more chance that they will take it seriously. And it does seem to be a lot of areas in sheffield. S5 S6 S12 City centre, Thanx.
  15. Hi, At the moment myself and my partner are having terrible service on O2 including dropped calls and no 3G or very sloooow 3G, I phoned O2 this week to be told that there is no problems and no one else has reported about this, my partner has also phoned O2 and was put through to network services who run some tests on his phone, and found that it was not his phone at fault, but must be a problem with 3G, but no one else has reported this problem. So I advise anyone else on O2 who is having the same problems anywhere in sheffield ( dropped calls, 3G problems ), to ring customer services and demand to speak to network services, if customer services will not put you through to network services, just keep ringing until they do, as the network services have said that the more people that report this issue in sheffield, the more it will be taken seriously, and will be looked into. Thanx and good luck.!!
  16. Every time that I have been in to the st Vincent's shop, I have been met with very nice, kind people who must spend a lot of time and effort volunteering for this charity, keep up the good work, you deserve it!.
  17. My nan agnes sadly passed away in October, love and miss you millions nan, lub lub, your granddaughter julie.
  18. Hi, thankyou for that great thought, we have briefly looked into a ramp but unfortunately we also have to have a wheelchair on the backseat so would be no room really to put it, thankyou again tho it was a really good thought.
  19. Hi, thanx for the information, unfortunately a cage would be no good as she has severe hip and elbow dysplia, so it is hard for her to jump over a lip of any kind on a cage bottom, I understand about the fitted cages which are absolutely brilliant especially on long trips and very safe to, but also very expensive as it will only be used for trips to vets, park and odd day out, thankyou again for the advice.
  20. Hi, just wondering if anybody has any ideas or knows someone or place that can fit some sort of guard over the rear window of our ford focus 53 plate estate, our rotti which is around 38kg!! and likes to jump at the back window when she sees a dog!! the last car rear windscreen was unfortunatly ruined by our old rotti as the rear heater bars are very sensative and once a claw goes down them and thats it!! a cage is no good as she has hip and elbow dysplia and could not jump over the lip of the cage. any help would be very gratefull. thanx.
  21. Hi has anybody else got no virgin tv or Internet in the s5 area?
  22. Hi and welcome to the forum, we're not a bad bunch on here!!
  23. My Nannan is 84 today (21)!!!, happy birthday nan, love you x.
  24. Hi, I think we will try a different vet as we also got charged over £100 for it.
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