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  1. Could be interested, let me know if you get any other takers!
  2. Awww those pics are so cute lyndix, i want one...
  3. Have you thought about a labra-doodle? You say you want something similar to a labrador. Theres loads of the 'oodle' breeds around now, combining whichever dog you like with the non moulting properties of a poodle. They just look like curly haired labradors. I'd love to get one myself so if anyone has any experience please let me know. My partner is also allergic.
  4. Does anyone know where i can get the above please, needed for a recipe. Have already tried the thai supermarket on london road (where they sell the kaffir lime leaves, but not the peel) and the chinese supermarket just off of the moor at side of plug. Need for a dinner party next weekend, so any help appreciated
  5. Hey peeps, in need of your help. Am in search of the good old fashioned sugar candy canes? Smallish ones preferably. Remember them selling in BHS other year, but not seen any this year, anyone seen any?
  6. Its great, can really recommend the hotel rooms if your after something a little special!
  7. Wanting a shower fitting, but not sure what was there originally? Dont wanna have to pay 2 call out fees if poss!
  8. Imagine if it went down for good, civilisation as we once knew it may well return!
  9. As title, cant get on for my daily fix, aaggghhhhhh.....!! Is it just me?
  10. I dunno, my boyf was just driving nearby and called to tell me to look out of window, thats some fire!!
  11. Apparently its an old church on fire at bottom of abbeydale road!!!
  12. Understandable for people takin kids, i was just thinking of the adults!
  13. Is this a wind up? You want people to stand in a line and pretend to be a train, noises included! Hmm, i for one won't be attending, but all the best mate! If you get a hundred+ people, i'd be interested to know, and the film mite be a giggle!! It's amazing what people will do for their one second of fame! Good luck! :-)
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