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  1. Thank's Padders, this must be what i remember as i asked the same question.
  2. A friend asked me why we used to call Parson cross park Black hill park. I was sure i read on here once that it was because it was ontop of old slag heaps. Looked all over but not been able to find anything. But then others are saying it was because of the road being one of the first to be tarmac. anyone know where i can find information please.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/reuben.newman.50
  4. I groom my dogs so just do it when they need it . If your dog don't need grooming could you just take the dog for nail clipping.
  5. I did the same moonbird an it worked out cheaper to take them to local vets. I have always supported the P.D.S.A and have been very glad of the help when i'v needed it but it has gone a bit off track with the contribution at the reception and then another one if you need meds. Now all this with "if they class your dog as pedigree" even when you know its not but it resembles one. I think they may have changed that( you can only register one if its deemed pedigree but you could have more registered if not) I can understand they need the money but at the end of the day it is the poor animals that suffer. I have always given as much as i can but i have seen people argue the point that its a charity so they don't have to pay anything.
  6. Sorry if i sound a bit dim but what do you mean.
  7. I also live in Firth Park near hospital an have been seeing them for about 3 years now.
  8. Im sure in a couple of weeks people(with no sense) will be throwing dogs out when the novelty of the christmas pup is gone they will be alover gumtree.
  9. Take a look at PDSA web site or RSPCA to see if you quaify for any of their discounts.
  10. Sorry i don't have any small shrubs that would be suitable.
  11. I sell a few plants from home. Do you have particular plants in mind?
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