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  1. All I was suggesting was that these discussions will have to be repeated at the AGM so it would make sense to raise them there. Ok, I understand your point but that was certainly not what I meant. I was simply suggesting that it would be nice if, as a membership, we were generally a little more proactive in the running of the club. Maybe I'm just lamenting the way things have changed. It used to be for socials for example different people would organise different events and it happened 'organically'. Now maybe because we were forced to have designated committee members some of that shared responsibility we had has gone. Maybe people feel that that can't get involved because there are labelled roles. I don't know, but it looks like we should have plenty to discuss at the AGM for a change (which is hopefully a good thing).
  2. As a long time member and as someone who probably has a better insight to what goes on within the committee without actually being involved I would like to make a couple of points. Though I do also feel that opionions and proposals would be better suited to discussions at the AGM itself (which is surely the point of the meeting). Firstly, though I agree there needs to be better transparency this has largely been down to us as members. There has been very little interest from anyone in the running of the club until now. AGM attendance has been down with very little interest/feedback from members. Calls for help, support, new or replacement committee members have resulted in very little interest from members (I know myself I wouldn't want to do it). I certainly agree certain things have to change, such as having clearer procedures and agreements about fees but this needs to happen in a supportive manner. Remember we are a social club not a business, the isolation of the voluntary committee and (until now) lack of support /interest in what they do has already caused 2 of the committee to now give up the thankless task this month. Many of the committee have had to continue in their roles the last year, giving up vasts amount of their free time because no one was willing to replace them. Lets take stock, realise we have quickly transitioned from a group of people playing ad-hoc to a 'club', get a clearer structure and transparency but remember it's a 2 way process. Support the committee by getting involved (not just demanding), let's help this club to get better by looking forward (not backwards) and remember ..we're all friends. Peace out.
  3. Hi Michelle, Laura and Fiona please. They're too lazy to it themselves!
  4. Didn't know Andrew was particularly good at raining. He is a little wet I suppose. Sorry Andrew couldn't resist. It's just because I'm still bitter about losing my trophy, I mean, the trophy.
  5. Jules, that's a question I ponder myself every morning as I gaze up at the mirror above my bed and see myself, wearing nothing but a leopard print banana hammock, sprawled out on the kingsize vibrating heart shape bed with you draped across my adonis like frame.
  6. If it's any consolation there are new people almost every week so you're never new for long!
  7. I had Mike down as more of a sex on the beach man.
  8. Whisky sounds good, perhaps a little whiskey aswell. Assuming we're doing the same weekend as the girlies I can't do the sat but can do the friday (23rd).
  9. Hi Alban, The address is: Ponds Forge International Sports Centre Sheaf Street Sheffield S1 2BP More directions here Google maps here See you on tuesday P.S. Jaap/Paul/Nish sign me up too.
  10. Everyone round Andrew's then? Light some candles and put on some Norah Jones and we'll cuddle on the sofa. You can fit 40 people on your sofa right? My suggestion is a spot of parkour/free running around sheffield.
  11. Cool, Qwin I expect to see you on the dance floor all night! (as you've chosen at least 50% of the music hehe ) Mountain stream? It's more the Niagra Falls when those two get together!
  12. Bran Van 3000 - Drinking in LA Good suggestions V, obviously Sir Mix-Alot has to be played!
  13. Hi Karen, We play every tuesday at Ponds Forge 8:00-9:30pm. It's usually £4 each for the night to cover the court hire (we usually hire 8 courts). If you fancy coming along just post in the sticky "Tuesday Badminton signing up" thread above saying you'll be coming that week. If you'd like one of the 'committee' can meet you at reception beforehand, just mention that in your post. Don't worry about skill level we just play for fun and have a complete range. It's a very different atmosphere to a serious club -anyone is welcome and there is no commitment to come every week. We do have occassional coaching and good players aswell though so we can play hard when we want to! It's a great place to meet people, we generally have new people every week so you're never new for long. We usually go for a (entirely optional) drink afterward in the nearby Queens Head. We now have dedicated social secs so our socials are getting better as well. there is usually 1 decent social a month with other impromptu 'unofficial' ones often posted on this forum aswell. Anyway hope to see you soon Karen, I'll be the one jumping around the court like a clumsy gazelle. You've gotta try right.
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