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  1. Think it’s wayne billiards van u can hear
  2. phone your council who you rent your house from they will tell you what to do and who you need to spk too good luck stand your ground
  3. hi if anyone knows of steve clifton where about plz pm me or reply on this thread, steve lived in s4 area of Sheffield for the last 10 years but has vanished and his old privet rented house is now up for sale! HELP ME find him
  4. weve had this trick done to us too in sheff lane top area cant have awt round here tbh **** trick
  5. my dad Glynn Robinson + family was first family to live in there house on Remington Road wen mi dad was 4/5 yrs old bk in 1950's they moved to cross as mushroom lane where they used to live in the back to back was getting demolished so they bought on Remington road ecclesfield then moved on to brailsford ave where the lived 4 there wholelife
  6. my dad Glynn Robinson lived on Remington road when it was a new built house his mam and dads names were Lilian & Maurice Robinson at no 18 Remington road ... I think or maybe no 16?? kids named.. Malcolm,Maurice,vivian,kevin,andrew,Glynn made the ROBINSONS family .
  7. Will do defiantly & thank you to all who took time out to reply Means alot to me and my dad thankyou xx
  8. oooohhh my dayzzz thankyou so much yes your spot on with malcolms parents names I really cant thanlyou all enough really made you day this has xxxx THANKYOU ALL xxxx
  9. My uncle Malcolm Robinson was age 15 yrs old He lived on parson cross Remmington road in the late 40's / 50's when a bus hit his push bike knocked mac robinson off and in to the road and killed him on wordsworth avenue/ Herries road end close to forty foot pub. hoping some one can help me find info on this as I'm lost now spent years searching for news paper stories ect but ive found nothing about it???
  10. Shame as wanting to know why there nothing built on there? Not even houses or awt? Strange tho??
  11. who knows anything about the field on willington road just off stubbing lane?
  12. My dads family lived on mushroom lane crookes family name was Robinson ??? Lillian Robonson Nee Lillian Barraclough Her husband was Maurice Robinson the moved on to parsoncross when Remmington Road was been built .
  13. Well Robinsons family lived nr to top of Brailsford avenue in the only stone clad fronted house on there (quite posh bk in them days the cladding was too) ---------- Post added 30-06-2015 at 00:03 ---------- Robinson family lived in the one stone cladded house on Brailsford ave near to top end (a bit posh back then) so they say too
  14. is that terry?? my dad grew up on Brailsford avenue with his family name been on your list .... Robinson family, & they lived near top of Brailsford ave Glynn Robinson remembers you that's if your real name is Terry??? Hope to hear back from you anyway takecare now.
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