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  1. It just seems to be taking so very long. I live at the very top of Stannington and it was bad enough when they took the link buses off us. I try and be a considerate citizen and not drive my car into town and used to love being able to nip into town via the 81 bus and tram. Sure it took a lot longer than using my car but I put up with that. However, it has made rail journeys getting to and from Sheffield Railway station a living hell. I returned to Sheffield (via train) in the early afternoon on Thursday and it took me AN HOUR AND A HALF to get home AND the Shalesmoor link buses (all arriving as they should) meant that my bus the 81 was stuck behind them and I had to run to ensure I got on it as it was blocked by two of the replacements buses. Not funny as I am waiting for a knee replacement. When I tried today to find an easier route from the station the wretched journey planner suggested I walk from the Station to Angel Street - Okay, knee replacement or not I could manage that ordinarily but with luggage - are you flipping serious??? And if you try and search for "when will all the tram rail replacements in Sheffield be completed" you do not get a straight answer from any site. I have now given up. I will drive my car and add to the congestion on the roads because I am sick of lack of clear information. It is impossible now to plan any journey coherently. It has completely ruined my train travel this summer and I have now decided not to undertake any more train/tram journeys until 1st October because I am sure everything will be magically put right once the student throng returns and swells the population once more. I know this is essential maintenance but I just wish they would d**n well get on with it.
  2. I find your comment unpleasant and unnecessary. I find it astonishing that some people feel the need to be obnoxious. I placed this post to be of help to other people and for no other reason. My choice to live where I do is associated with asthma and I cannot live closer to the city centre due to pollution and where I live now means I am above the smog line in summer and can breathe more easily. There was no complaint in my post - simply a statement of fact to be useful to others.
  3. UPDATE FOR INFO - Just checked with travel-line - buses are not running to Stannington, not even halfway up the hill. Simply no service at all.
  4. FOR INFO Just seen a gritter go down Spout Lane very slowly and cautiously ....... ---------- Post added 27-12-2014 at 09:24 ---------- Looking at the SCC traffic webcams it appears most main roads are passable.
  5. Main Roads are treacherous at Stannington and no buses are getting up here at present which I know is usual for Stannington. Partner had to walk to work this morning and it took him an hour and 10 mins to get down to Hillsborough. ---------- Post added 27-12-2014 at 09:10 ---------- Does anyone know if the gritters are actually going to make an appearance today on either their primary or secondary routes ? Information from the Council would be useful ?
  6. Totally agree with the above - as you are leaving Stannington heading towards Bingley Lane, the bit on Oldfield Road that sticks right out is almost invisible at night - it needs AT LEAST a lit bollard although to be fair I think it was better left as it was. What exactly was the problem that made some bright traffic planning spark think that this was a good idea ? Did anyone die before at this junction ? Now it has been made incredibly dangerous and the really really stupid thing is that where the bit juts out - no-one has had the intelligence to make it double yellow lines (outside nos 304/302/300 Oldfield Rd) opposite so people actually park there to make it just that little bit more exciting. Of all the traffic engineer decisions I've seen in recent years, this has to be the most stupid and I believe highly dangerous.
  7. This whole topic reminds me of a saying from my great grandmother which was "cocks and hens, pairs their sens". Some people like older partners, some like younger and some prefer those of a similar age. We choose what we like or want depending on what is important to us. I have to say however, that in my opinion (as a female) of observing women choosing older men, there is nothing so appealing as a huge wallet. No female beds Bernie Ecclestone for his breath-takingly beautiful hairstyle or witty repartee. Its the strong attraction of kerrrching. My attitude is good luck to all of them, so long as people make each other happy then that's all that matters, regardless of age. There may be some biological imperative at work and fair enough if this is the case. But the reason why we choose who we choose will often be very complex and not simply down to biology.
  8. I know exactly what this means. If a guy is 60 and discussing things with a woman of the same age then they will have shared experience of (for example) when mini skirts came into fashion, when women started wearing tights and stopped wearing stockings, the fact that girls at school up to age 16 used to have to wear oatmeal socks (unbelievable in this day and age). Plus all the stuff to do with what music was current when they were both teenagers and in their early twenties so that if one of them made a comment about music saying, for example that a singer sounded like Stevie Winwood then there is a fair chance that the other one would a) remember and b) that comment would actually mean something to them from their experience of being alive at that time. Whereas a younger person is more likely to say (and this has happened to me at work) "Who is Bob Dylan - I've never heard of him?" That is what is meant by cultural references.
  9. This is utter folly on the council's part. If I was you I would privately buy a grit bin and do it anyway. Who is going to object "the grit police" ? I don't think they would have a leg to stand on if this was organised by a local community group and the bin was a contrasting colour so that Amey operatives did not fill it by mistake. The Council need to alter their mindset with this kind of thing and stop being so stupid and petty minded. If your grit bin enhances the living conditions in your area and prevents injury to people and damage to cars then surely common sense would dictate you should be able to do this ?
  10. This morning (because the Council in their wisdom decided not to grit Spout Lane) the Police attended to stop people driving down Spout Lane which, incidentally is no longer on the secondary gritting route because a car had slid off the road on the bad bend half way down. It's all very well saying there's not much money left in the pot for gritting but the bottom line, as people have pointed out above, is that the attendance of Police Officers and other emergency services will costs a great deal more than the necessary grit - this really is pennywise pound foolish behaviour. Plus, has no-one taken into account the fact that people use these "backwack" routes to avoid the congestion at Hillsborough which is a nightmare even on a good day? In answer to "don't buses go to Bradfield" - No, not if the road has not been gritted. The council will have to rethink their ideas on this one - Rails Road, Bingley Lane, Hopwood Lane, Bradfield main roads and Spout Lane all need to be gritted to keep the city moving. Trust me - today later on when the Wednesday football match has finished, Spout Lane will be extremely busy. Even on an ordinary working day this road is constant stream of traffic, which, if forced to take another route, will just add to the chaos in icy weather.
  11. Just been given a hard sell which has made me really cross for Green Energy. "made" to have credit checks etc and not given any figures to peruse - these will apparently arrive tomorrow. Not Happy. And told we had to place an order - kept being asked if I was happy and no, not really - wanted time to think about it - everything moved too fast. I said this too and the person re-scheduled our dates but to be heavily persuaded into an "install" date when I am just flipping thinking about whether or not I want to go with this is NOT good. I didn't sign the documentation - my OH did but made sure there was a cooling off period so that we can withdraw if we need to. I absolutely detest hard sell of any sort. So guys, bring it on - what is your experience of this company and does anyone have anything good to say about them. To the guy who used to work for them - I will PM you in a moment when I go back and find your post. Don 't worry all - I know we can de-rail this train if we need to. Just wondering if the product is worth the trouble - I did ask - if it's so good how come everyone hasn't got the panels. I've been told these are the ones that work on daylight rather than heat - sounds a bit suspect to me so please feel free to pass comment. Thanks
  12. You have my sympathy regarding all of this but especially the issues of having to take a day off work at the last minute and the inconvenience of that. At the moment, because I am recouperating from the operation I am at home most of the time but even now, as we speak, I STILL have not heard anything today regarding the phone AND IT STILL IS NOT WORKING:rant::rant: ---------- Post added 10-11-2014 at 16:37 ---------- Do you think we would be able to keep our current telephone number ? We really do need to hang on to this number. BTW my husband is the account holder so it's down to him to change the contract but I think he will be taking our business elsewhere, to preserve his sanity. ---------- Post added 10-11-2014 at 16:44 ---------- Hi Bonjon, who are you with and are you satisfied with the service ?
  13. Well. Where do I start ? Let me begin by saying that I am always pleasant when I speak to the Origin Technical Team which is very frequently at the moment. Let us leave aside the charade we had with the phone two years ago when it failed (the VOIP phone) and I had to crawl into the road where a neighbour called 999 for me because my heart had decided to beat at 253 beats a minute. Let us also leave aside the endless times the VOIP phone dropped the call in the middle of a conversation and the many endless reboots. Did my internet connection improve when we first went with Origin - you bet it did and it was great. Were Oliver and Henry and the other teccy guys always really helpful - yes they were and indeed someone I believe was called Pete was kind enough to come out (about 16 months ago ??) and bring us a Zyxel. So why I am posting today ? We lost service like all customers on 14 August. We could not get through on the phone on that day so thinking they had gone down the pan (NOTE HERE - No-one had the common sense to put a message on the technical help line to say "we are experiencing high call volumes and you may have to wait 40 mins for someone to answer" which would have helped us to understand that Origin had not gone bust) - I put my Sherlock hat on and drove down to a depot which does not deal with the public but had two operatives outside whom I managed to collar before they went back in. They were extremely pleasant and did a quick bit of teccy stuff with their mobile phones and explained that the calls in the queue answer time was around 40 mins and yes, Origin was still trading because they worked for Origin but not on the customer service side. We finally got through at some point that weekend and were "flannelled" but the bottom line is that it took them until the 10th/11th September to get us on line once more. So we were without internet for almost a month. Oh and no phone. I or my husband reminded them of the heart condition (exacerbated by stress I might add) and we were eventually given an ordinary landline (non VOIP) phone number so that at least we could make outgoing calls. Before anyone says anything about "Why not use your mobile" - well we can't because we live in a part of Sheffield with pants mobile phone signal and our Home Signal Device (or Femtocell as it is sometimes known) will only work when the internet works. So, why am I on here today ? We were told we could keep our landline number. For some reason we had to have the landline handsets plugged in and also the VOIP handsets too. We cannot even remember why we were told to do this - it looks like "House of Phones" there are handsets everywhere because we cannot use VOIP to make outgoing calls BUT we are able to use the ordinary landline phones for that. On the other hand we cannot RECEIVE any incoming calls. We were able to receive incoming calls on the VOIP handsets for a while and my husband kept ringing to say "How long will it be until we just have the ordinary landline for incoming and OUTGOING calls and can get rid of the VOIP phones. Oh, and by the way a BT Openreach Engineer came on Friday (7 Nov) and stayed a couple of hours, tested the line etc and said that their equipment showed that there was absolutely no problem on the line but was something to do with "porting" the number over and the problem lay with Origin who are now telling me that I have a "crossed line" (am I in a 1950s film ???) and when people ring us it's going into some kind of telecommunications Bermuda Triangle. I struggle to be civil here. I sent a recorded delivery letter to Origin back in August and never had a reply. My belief is that they are without parallel for poor customer service. They have absolutely no understanding whatsoever of "managing expectations" and could have reduced acrimony from customers twentyfold if they had been honest and sent out some kind of "Actually customers, we are sorry, we have screwed up" letter. I despair of ever receiving incoming calls. I have been fobbed off again and again this last few days - Oliver and Henry you know who I am but you must be in some ivory tower somewhere and what about Jacob who spoke to me on Friday and said he would at least give us the VOIP number back sometime between 15.00 and 18.00 on Friday and then other operatives have told me he is working from home and will do this from home yesterday, and then again today. I have just rung my number again from my mobile (because at the moment the internet is working so I can use the Home Signal booster for mobiles) and sure enough it is still giving out the engaged tone. I AM ANGRY and disgusted. I have just been in hospital to try and have the heart problem rectified and it has not worked and I am not supposed to get cross. If this matter is not sorted out by the end of the week, I will use the same determination I used many years ago to change Social Security legislation. I am not sure yet whether I am going to take legal action, write to Watchdog, visit one of the more competent CABs or see if Ofcom can assist but I will not let this matter pass into oblivion. I am not only articulate AND VERY VERY DETERMINED but I also (due to my health) now have an awful lot of time on my hands to pursue this. And I am very very very angry. ---------- Post added 09-11-2014 at 22:11 ---------- Sorry, that should read Oliver and Henri.
  14. I work with those who are elderly and still living in their own homes and whilst I appreciate that this may not be the case with the OP's Mum, (who was a trusting lady) a lot of my clients are so lonely and isolated that a visit from someone to service an appliance can really make their day. I've done this job for 10 years now and have often "seen off" unscrupulous characters trying to sell them electric beds or stairlifts or do gardening or turn up at the door saying they're from the Water Board and they need to check to see if the water has turned blue or someone's central heating down the road has blown up and they are from the gas board etc etc using terminology that older people remember. Unfortunately, all the above are real examples. It was a good day when I reported the man to trading standards regarding the electric bed though and saved my client 3 grand ! Take note and warn all your older relatives that these people are very plausible and they should be really vigilant to keep themselves safe. And keep their flippin doors locked - this is not the 1930s !!
  15. I know that there are a lot of cases where both motorists and cyclists do not behave in a civilized way with each other but whilst the cyclist can make a note of the VRM (ie registration No. of the car) the car driver has absolutely no redress regarding the cyclist because there is no way to trace them if they have behaved in an obnoxious, rude or for that matter, illegal way. I am sick and tired of watching cyclists flaunt all the rules, e.g. I was on Halifax Road heading towards the city at the turning for Asda, waiting for the traffic lights to change and a cyclist (without a helmet - what a fool) flew past and straight through the red light and only narrowly avoided traffic who had the right of way. Understandably those vehicles turning hooted their horns because their light was at green and the cyclist should have stopped to wait for the light to change. This is only one example in a host of others that I have experienced over the years. I believe they would be more accountable for their actions if they could be traced. I personally do not think the roads are safe for cyclists simply because there is so much traffic. The reality is that there are a lot of motorized vehicles on the road and this is not going to change, no matter what. Even if we get rid of fossil fuel, there will be other types of motorized vehicle. And whatever happened to bells on bikes ??? Especially when they are riding on pavements which they should not do. There is no point attacking me telling me there are obnoxious car drivers too - of course I know this. I hope and pray for the day when cyclists are banned from the roads and it will come, because they really are not safe. So many have very little road sense and an air of self righteousness which is annoying and distasteful.
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