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  1. Chimi I am glad yours was straightforward - as Deelightful 4 points out - when the gallbladder is infected then the rules are completely different, hence my long wait and Dee's husband's long wait too. Dee you certainly did have a rough time of it - especially having to cancel the special holiday in Cyprus. Your posts have helped me to understand about the infection issue so thanks for this.
  2. First of all, Deelightful4, my sincerest sympathy for the nightmare you described. It must have been utterly ghastly. I consider myself lucky that I passed my gallstone three days after I'd returned from Greece. I'm very glad your husband is fit and well now. However extra thanks for your timescale description which makes me feel almost suicidal. (see below for the pain I am in and not only from the gallbladder). But at least it gives me an idea of how many holidays and courses I have to cancel 😟 Daven - thank you also for your reply - I am aware that the gallbladder is an exceptionally "dirty' organ (these are a medic's words, not mine) but my course of antibiotics finished almost three months ago and I've had endless blood tests and even an MRI scan since. I always ask if there are any concerns or irregularities in my blood tests results and the answer currently is No, everything is fine. Surely if I was still full of infection (the bloods would show this) then they would have prescribed more antibiotics, and in any case, I felt utterly diabolical when the gallbladder was infected such that I slept all the time so I am sure it's cleared up by now, since I am active (not withstanding my wretched knees see below). The reason patience is not (at present) my strong suit is because both knees are incredibly painful and need replacing but, of course, not only will they not touch them before the gallbladder, but also not for a long time after the gallbladder operation because of the risk of deep bone infection (obviously, despite the pain I fully understand this). My biggest beef is the lack of management of my expectations. If someone had said (as you imply by saying it is difficult to tell how long) "Once your course of antibiotics is completed then we have to wait (hypothetically) three months to ensure no further infection occurs " or if someone had given me ANY INKLING WHATSOEVER of the amount of time I'd have to wait then that would have helped me to deal with the daily agony of knee pain (to say nothing of how generally unwell the gallbladder makes one feel). This started on 26 September 2019 - it's almost four months (and almost 3 months since antibiotics finished) on from this now and I still have no idea how long it will be till the wretched thing is going to be removed. I am grateful to both of you for taking the time to reply.
  3. I've had a total nightmare. I passed a gallstone on 26 September. How do I know ? Because my urine turned brown as dark as tea and my stools were clay coloured - TMI but nevertheless proves the common bile duct was blocked for a short period. I foolishly did not attend hospital (the GP afterwards told me this is what morphine was for....!) because it was the middle of the night and I did not want to wake the household up. GP surgery (nightmare receptionist assuming the mantle of importance of her employers) was no help when I asked for advice and the hostile power crazed receptionist did not fit me in for an emergency appointment so the first appt was 4 days later when the GP said stay on a low fat diet and made the usual referrals. At no point was I told not to head off out of the area or to stay near to hospitals OR, more importantly that if I had passed a gallstone then it was highly likely that I'd finish up with an infected gallbladder. Two weeks later I went away on a short break within the UK, 150 miles away and finished up in the local Hicksville hospital which at least served to remind me of the joy of being near to both NGH and the Hallamshire. I was on IV antibiotics and opiates for several days. I have attended every single appointment I have been given. But STILL everything drags on and today it's now the 7th January 2020 and I am still in stasis waiting waiting waiting and no idea when the wretched thing is going to be taken out. I was ultrasounded on 14 Oct in Hicksville which showed a damaged and infected gallbladder packed with stones and a common bile duct that had stretched to well beyond the 6mm it should be, and then I attended NGH for them to ultrasound me on 8 November when they discovered the common bile duct had stretched even further and was over twice the width it should be. Needless to say I look and feel terrible most of the time and Christmas has been a joy (not). My first consultation in Sheffield was on 20 November. Now I'm not stupid. I know they will not operate if the wretched thing is infected but now, I've had an MRI scan (this took place on 7 Dec) which needed to be done to see if there were any stones in the bile duct. What I cannot get my head round is that it's now a month later and there might be stones in the duct now that were not there before. I've got another outpatients appointment on 29 January and I've already been told the wretched thing has to be removed (yippee) AND I have no other health problems which mean I cannot be operated upon so my question to the NHS is why the sweet Jesus is it taking so flipping long ??? It's now 14 weeks since passing the stone and I am still no further forward in getting a date for the operation and it drags on. The worst thing is that I also need my knee replacing and the ortho consultant will not touch me for 4 months after the gallbladder operation because he has to be positive there is no infection whatsoever in my body before he does the operation on the knee so my life is on hold and to say I am VERY pi**ed off does not even come close - I've not even got a date for the pre operative assessment. I'm beyond fed up.
  4. It just seems to be taking so very long. I live at the very top of Stannington and it was bad enough when they took the link buses off us. I try and be a considerate citizen and not drive my car into town and used to love being able to nip into town via the 81 bus and tram. Sure it took a lot longer than using my car but I put up with that. However, it has made rail journeys getting to and from Sheffield Railway station a living hell. I returned to Sheffield (via train) in the early afternoon on Thursday and it took me AN HOUR AND A HALF to get home AND the Shalesmoor link buses (all arriving as they should) meant that my bus the 81 was stuck behind them and I had to run to ensure I got on it as it was blocked by two of the replacements buses. Not funny as I am waiting for a knee replacement. When I tried today to find an easier route from the station the wretched journey planner suggested I walk from the Station to Angel Street - Okay, knee replacement or not I could manage that ordinarily but with luggage - are you flipping serious??? And if you try and search for "when will all the tram rail replacements in Sheffield be completed" you do not get a straight answer from any site. I have now given up. I will drive my car and add to the congestion on the roads because I am sick of lack of clear information. It is impossible now to plan any journey coherently. It has completely ruined my train travel this summer and I have now decided not to undertake any more train/tram journeys until 1st October because I am sure everything will be magically put right once the student throng returns and swells the population once more. I know this is essential maintenance but I just wish they would d**n well get on with it.
  5. I find your comment unpleasant and unnecessary. I find it astonishing that some people feel the need to be obnoxious. I placed this post to be of help to other people and for no other reason. My choice to live where I do is associated with asthma and I cannot live closer to the city centre due to pollution and where I live now means I am above the smog line in summer and can breathe more easily. There was no complaint in my post - simply a statement of fact to be useful to others.
  6. UPDATE FOR INFO - Just checked with travel-line - buses are not running to Stannington, not even halfway up the hill. Simply no service at all.
  7. FOR INFO Just seen a gritter go down Spout Lane very slowly and cautiously ....... ---------- Post added 27-12-2014 at 09:24 ---------- Looking at the SCC traffic webcams it appears most main roads are passable.
  8. Main Roads are treacherous at Stannington and no buses are getting up here at present which I know is usual for Stannington. Partner had to walk to work this morning and it took him an hour and 10 mins to get down to Hillsborough. ---------- Post added 27-12-2014 at 09:10 ---------- Does anyone know if the gritters are actually going to make an appearance today on either their primary or secondary routes ? Information from the Council would be useful ?
  9. Totally agree with the above - as you are leaving Stannington heading towards Bingley Lane, the bit on Oldfield Road that sticks right out is almost invisible at night - it needs AT LEAST a lit bollard although to be fair I think it was better left as it was. What exactly was the problem that made some bright traffic planning spark think that this was a good idea ? Did anyone die before at this junction ? Now it has been made incredibly dangerous and the really really stupid thing is that where the bit juts out - no-one has had the intelligence to make it double yellow lines (outside nos 304/302/300 Oldfield Rd) opposite so people actually park there to make it just that little bit more exciting. Of all the traffic engineer decisions I've seen in recent years, this has to be the most stupid and I believe highly dangerous.
  10. This whole topic reminds me of a saying from my great grandmother which was "cocks and hens, pairs their sens". Some people like older partners, some like younger and some prefer those of a similar age. We choose what we like or want depending on what is important to us. I have to say however, that in my opinion (as a female) of observing women choosing older men, there is nothing so appealing as a huge wallet. No female beds Bernie Ecclestone for his breath-takingly beautiful hairstyle or witty repartee. Its the strong attraction of kerrrching. My attitude is good luck to all of them, so long as people make each other happy then that's all that matters, regardless of age. There may be some biological imperative at work and fair enough if this is the case. But the reason why we choose who we choose will often be very complex and not simply down to biology.
  11. I know exactly what this means. If a guy is 60 and discussing things with a woman of the same age then they will have shared experience of (for example) when mini skirts came into fashion, when women started wearing tights and stopped wearing stockings, the fact that girls at school up to age 16 used to have to wear oatmeal socks (unbelievable in this day and age). Plus all the stuff to do with what music was current when they were both teenagers and in their early twenties so that if one of them made a comment about music saying, for example that a singer sounded like Stevie Winwood then there is a fair chance that the other one would a) remember and b) that comment would actually mean something to them from their experience of being alive at that time. Whereas a younger person is more likely to say (and this has happened to me at work) "Who is Bob Dylan - I've never heard of him?" That is what is meant by cultural references.
  12. This is utter folly on the council's part. If I was you I would privately buy a grit bin and do it anyway. Who is going to object "the grit police" ? I don't think they would have a leg to stand on if this was organised by a local community group and the bin was a contrasting colour so that Amey operatives did not fill it by mistake. The Council need to alter their mindset with this kind of thing and stop being so stupid and petty minded. If your grit bin enhances the living conditions in your area and prevents injury to people and damage to cars then surely common sense would dictate you should be able to do this ?
  13. This morning (because the Council in their wisdom decided not to grit Spout Lane) the Police attended to stop people driving down Spout Lane which, incidentally is no longer on the secondary gritting route because a car had slid off the road on the bad bend half way down. It's all very well saying there's not much money left in the pot for gritting but the bottom line, as people have pointed out above, is that the attendance of Police Officers and other emergency services will costs a great deal more than the necessary grit - this really is pennywise pound foolish behaviour. Plus, has no-one taken into account the fact that people use these "backwack" routes to avoid the congestion at Hillsborough which is a nightmare even on a good day? In answer to "don't buses go to Bradfield" - No, not if the road has not been gritted. The council will have to rethink their ideas on this one - Rails Road, Bingley Lane, Hopwood Lane, Bradfield main roads and Spout Lane all need to be gritted to keep the city moving. Trust me - today later on when the Wednesday football match has finished, Spout Lane will be extremely busy. Even on an ordinary working day this road is constant stream of traffic, which, if forced to take another route, will just add to the chaos in icy weather.
  14. Just been given a hard sell which has made me really cross for Green Energy. "made" to have credit checks etc and not given any figures to peruse - these will apparently arrive tomorrow. Not Happy. And told we had to place an order - kept being asked if I was happy and no, not really - wanted time to think about it - everything moved too fast. I said this too and the person re-scheduled our dates but to be heavily persuaded into an "install" date when I am just flipping thinking about whether or not I want to go with this is NOT good. I didn't sign the documentation - my OH did but made sure there was a cooling off period so that we can withdraw if we need to. I absolutely detest hard sell of any sort. So guys, bring it on - what is your experience of this company and does anyone have anything good to say about them. To the guy who used to work for them - I will PM you in a moment when I go back and find your post. Don 't worry all - I know we can de-rail this train if we need to. Just wondering if the product is worth the trouble - I did ask - if it's so good how come everyone hasn't got the panels. I've been told these are the ones that work on daylight rather than heat - sounds a bit suspect to me so please feel free to pass comment. Thanks
  15. You have my sympathy regarding all of this but especially the issues of having to take a day off work at the last minute and the inconvenience of that. At the moment, because I am recouperating from the operation I am at home most of the time but even now, as we speak, I STILL have not heard anything today regarding the phone AND IT STILL IS NOT WORKING:rant::rant: ---------- Post added 10-11-2014 at 16:37 ---------- Do you think we would be able to keep our current telephone number ? We really do need to hang on to this number. BTW my husband is the account holder so it's down to him to change the contract but I think he will be taking our business elsewhere, to preserve his sanity. ---------- Post added 10-11-2014 at 16:44 ---------- Hi Bonjon, who are you with and are you satisfied with the service ?
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