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  1. what number house in Woodside lane ? my sister was born there in 1953 we all went to Woodside school
  2. Don't think Electricians had anyone to form a five a side team, the few younger "sparkies" were more interested in fishing!
  3. I remember going in "Lin Hongs" on London Road, We went upstairs to eat ( I think there were tables downstairs too. This was in the 60's
  4. Made in Sheffield, used the street that runs parallel to Ecclesall Road, near to where the Pomona is now. Carter Brandon was the son,
  5. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:I agree " the Car People " let you browse, in fact you have call for their help, it was a pleasant experience buying from them. I used the one at Wakefield last year. I would suggest you give them a try.
  6. if my memory serves me it could have been dark green, but I'm not sure. The beret was green. Leaders wore Khaki the scarf was purple with a white edge, and they had a big area on Roe Lane, now an old peoples home.
  7. So did I !!! Heard they moved to Matlock area????
  8. In the 50s we used to go down to the "bottom rd" (Penistone rd) just a bit after the start and then later watch them go down Pitsmoor Road to the finish at Corporation street baths
  9. The ice cream man I recall was "Brownies" or Browns milk and ice cream, he never left anyone out when he came round . He was well known in the Pitsmoor area, I think he was based around Sutherland Rd. or there abouts 50s-60
  10. I'm looking for information about the 11th PITSMOOR Scouts, which I was in from the mid 50's till about 1962/3. I would like to knowwhen the group ceased to be and what was the reason behind it. The names I can recall are Pete Ashton, who I believe died and also someone called Phillip who lived on Roe lane
  11. Mallinson and Gillot both died some years back.
  12. the lad running up and down the lane always had a "steering wheel" and if memory serves was called "Plummer" and he lived in the yard just above Rugby Street. We lived about ten houses below the Woodman pub. I lived in the lane from around 1950 till we were moved to Parkhill, Oh the luxury of inside plumbing and no tin bath. My father lived in Woodside lane opposite the top of Rugby St. in my Grandparents house, My aunt lived across the lane in the yard overlooking Woodside infants school. Quite alot of my family lived in the area, which was a regular occurance in those days
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