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  1. BROCCO BANK - Closed Looks like the drains have burst under the road/pavement surface, parts of the road surface have been washed away and a torrent is making its way down Brocco Bank, flooding the roundabout and making its way down Ecclesall Road! Avoid this area as traffic is building up.
  2. Excellent tuition from Alan of JDM. I passed first time with him about 5 years ago. Excellent instructor and proved results! At the time they were fairly well priced. Not sure about now but I imagine they would be. You can be collected and dropped off in different locations.. so get them to pick you up from work and take you home!!! http://www.jdmdrivingschool.co.uk
  3. Just had my hair cut by Karen of KW HAIR. Very good service. Good cut in comfort of my own house! Excellent prices HAIR CUT in the comfort of your own home. NO MESS - 24 YEARS EXPERIENCE - TRAINED BY VIDAL SASSOON Cut and Finish: Ladies £15.00 Mens £10.00 6-14Yrs £8.00 Under 6Yrs £5.00 STUDENT DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE Call KAREN for Free Consultation or To Book a visit! 07941 701255 KAREN Recommended!!!! Give her a call, you wont be dissapointed! :-D
  4. they sell petrol too.. interesting to see how competiive they will be.
  5. Try some of the free sites on the internet where you put in a code. It worked with one of mine once. Alternatively take it to ZARELLAS at the top of the moor.. funny little shop that sells watches and things.. and then theres a guy at the back who does phones.
  6. Just seen/heard a seagull in the centre of Sheffield?!?! A bit lost i think!!
  7. I thought the changes are being implimented over a few years from now.
  8. As you can see from the following webcamera image. Lets hope no one is injured.
  9. Do you not find it fascinating?? I think the weather is awsome! Ok, ill agree with you about the reporting part.... but its fascinating to talk about it,
  10. I like it, although its a bti too concentrated!! I wonder if all those locations will eventually get them!! Its only till 24th anyway
  11. Has anyone else noticed an influx of very green lights in the city centre. I noticed some really bright ones down by Takapuna, and then tonight spotted some on West Street opposite Cavendish. Are they a council thing? They are mounted quite high and dont particularly light up the individual bar exclusively.... Comments...
  12. I got £100 back from them for not sending me a bill for 18 months. Good investment if you ask me. Might ask them to not send me a bill for a couple of years.. Can get the interest on the money and then in the end get 100 off!! £40 seems a bit low if you had to miss a day of work to stay in for them!!
  13. Well... another ploom of smoke!?! bit further away than the others this time, but this is getting a joke!! Can anyone else see it ?
  14. The smoke is not as consitent. Its gone away alot now from my perspective.
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