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  1. He's going to be 4 so inbetween with the attention span! I've googled it but none of the websites state prices (probably don't want to put people of straight away!) My daughter who is 7 had a sleepover last time or a paint a pot party but my son would not sit still for that amount of time! Thanks
  2. I've seen alot of posts recommending children's enterainers but not giving any indication as to how much they would be? I'm currently wondering which to do, a bouncy castle or entertainer? I've found lots of proces for castles but none for enterainers Any input would be appreciated! Thanks
  3. Can you givre us a rough cost of a taxi from leeds bradford airport to Sheffield (stocksbridge) please? We're trying to decide whether to drive and park or taxi one way as we have a left there but not back. Thanks Nikki
  4. I have also been looking for a roofer and half the people who came to give us a quote haven't even got back to us. What's all that about?
  5. They were very good, the only reason I'm not saying excellent is because they got our first dance mixed up with another wedding and so we had to ask the video guy to get the cd out of his car (after a lot of palaver) They played two 45min sets which were amazing but we would have liked some more live music as they started singing quite early. Apart from that they were just what we wanted as they also provided a disco altogether it was £700. Hope this helps And good luck for your big day!
  6. I only have one child bridesmaid (my daughter) so was really looking for adult presents but thanks for that.
  7. Thanks guys I have it covered now we are having the motown knights luckily they had a cancellation!
  8. We're getting married in 2 weeks and have absolutely no idea what to buy our best man and bridesmaids as a thankyou present (on a budget) I'm guessing you cant not buy one...? lol Any welcome!
  9. We're looking for a band who will play motown music (as well as others) at our wedding on 7th August can anyone help?
  10. I have tried to PM high way child but have had no reply. Anyone else any suggestions its less than 4 weeks to our wedding now and I'm getting slightly worried!
  11. We are getting married 7th August and are looking for any kind of motown tribute? I realise this is short notice! Thought it might be something different to just a DJ any ideas welcome.
  12. I'm getting married 7th August and using a lady in Deepcar called Anne, she is making my bridesmaids dresses for £75 each and taking my wedding dress in for about £20 I think she said her number is 2882585 Oh she advertises in the look local anabelle designs
  13. Thankyou for your suggestions as i say i have absolutely no idea so your help is very much appreciated. We get married in august this year (its been brought forward thanks to a cancellation) so everything needs sorting at once!
  14. We are going to see the florist on friday but i need to have some ideas for her. The problem is our colour scheme is going to be sage green and cream but i have no idea what kind of flowers to go with other than cream onesbut i'm worried this will be too boring. Anyone any ideas?
  15. We are getting married next year and I have been looking for a wedding dress on the internet (just to get an idea of prices) the style i like is anywhere from £500-£1500 which is ALOT of money for one day. However I do still want it to be perfect and wouldn't like to but a second hand one. Was wondering if anyone has ever had their dress made? If it was cheaper than going to a bridal shop and an approximate price? Thanks in advance!
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