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  1. I'm 37 and play acoustic guitar and would like to be in a band. Anyone interested?
  2. I'm game! Not a great deal of experience but willingness to play is plenty.
  3. Just been chatting to Ross in guitar shack, they pay 17 grande a year to rent their place, he says this place is dirt cheap to rent for the area, and was amazed no-one has taken it on for that price. The walk in freezer could be an issue, but nothing that a sledge hammer wouldn't fix.
  4. Ah, thank you. I need me facts right. The council want me to put together a plan and approach them personally, in front of a panel I believe. I could do with getting in this place and taking a look around. Might email them about it.
  5. It does it's true! Quite a pathetic post really from me. I've recently moved here from page hall. Location location location will never be underestimated again. ---------- Post added 10-09-2014 at 16:24 ---------- I've just been and had a look. You know the council have a budget to turn disused shops into either cafés, charity shops or art galleries. Which is the reason for so many charity shops popping up. You know only 5% of the art work owned by sheffield council (paid for by public taxes) has ever been on display?! I'm gonna approach them about a possible art gallery here, with a decent sign! ---------- Post added 10-09-2014 at 16:31 ---------- http://commercialpropertyonline.co.uk/property/SMC+Chartered+Surveyors/5+Crookes+Road+Sheffield+S10+5BA/77634 15 grand a year is twice the price that guitar shack pay the council for a shop of the same size.. Plus the security is gonna cost abit. But there must be a budget that needs spending before the council use it to balance the books. http://www.instantstreetview.com/2pj34fz3dx8j9z50tzpaz2u tis so ugly isn't it! Just emailed the council with my proposition. How can they say no?
  6. I saw cowboy in Pdsa other day and complimented him on his song that stuck in my head for days "we're gonna be friends, friends, friends, right til end (repeat)" he spoke to me for ages, followed me to age concern to carry on the conversation, unfortunetly in oxfam my taxi arrived so I had to cut the conversation short. Here's a video I made of him, at his request, for some you tube promo
  7. I didn't like to see the Indian lady begging on fargate last month, holding a broken polystyrene cup and pretending to have mobility issues. I said to her "why are you begging in this countrone should be begging in this country, no one begs here.' I told the about the archer project. She now where's a high vis vest and a big issue In her hand.
  8. Broomhill is looking quite vibrant these days however something sticks out like an ugly fat worthy thumb; the new 'Crispy Duck Cafe' sign. Blood red type on a black background?! With differing typefaces? What an ugly eyesore it is!
  9. Some things are personal, y'know. The Sheffield Forum is a fantastic resource for its users, friendly talkative northerners, of which I am not, talkative it appears, but a friendly southerner. We are around. I appreciate and respect the good-humoured banter on here, but to reply in the thread is more hassle than it's worth. Reply to my PM box every time. Everyone who found the time to read and reply made some effort to give me a little of their time, and I appreciate it. Thank you.
  10. I don't usually ask for help like this but I am in a dire situation and have been offered a lifeline from a very kind sole in sheffield and require assistance to pick up an item and bring it to my place. It is only available to me tonight, hence the desperation, but this would improve my life ten fold and I would be forever in admiration, and favours, in return. PM me if you are my angel, and thanks for taking the time to read this.
  11. A direct quote taken from the Andrew Marr show. His words, not mine. I assume taken from circumstantial evidence.
  12. Well said. There should be a change in the law to protect people falsely accused of rape, one in ten at present and growing due to increased binge drinking culture amongst ladies. The law changed last year because of this and 35 woman were sent to prison for 2 years each for false allegations of rape. This is one of the worst crimes ever to be committed. If this man is innocent it must be absolutely devastating for him to be accused of committing such a horrific crime and so I agree a change in the law in give him blanket anonymity prior to any possible conviction to provide him with protection and some stability in what must be uncertain times. And of course a man wrote this. ---------- Post added 08-08-2014 at 02:07 ---------- Go squeaky pete, I like this guy. ---------- Post added 08-08-2014 at 02:11 ---------- Oh and 'Herman Munster raped me' is distasteful use reminiscence therapy to sell newspapers.
  13. Hello can anyone help. My father has recently had a stroke and is looking at long term rehab, so I've had to take on his dog. A lovely quiet medium sized mutt who just seems to sleep the moment we get in my flat to the moment we leave for a walk. Unfortunately I'm not allowed pets in my broomhill flat, I've been trying to find a suitable property/kind landlord who will allow myself and my canine friend to stay in their accommodation. Can you help or do u know anyone who can? Rod 07548313583
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