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  1. Is there anyone on here who knows anything about signed shirts i have a Arsenal one with 20 signatures but cant find who they are.Is there anywhere i can take it to get it verified as original Thanks in advance for any replies
  2. ive just restored a classic car its not turned a wheel in 30 years until i took it to renishaw show last week as i was driving in a chap came up to me to tell me he was the first owner of the car brand new in 1972
  3. Johnnys at beighton across road from matthews shop
  4. can anyone tell me if the mini club still meets at intake (noahs ark) and when its on Thanks
  5. one in killamarsh i just had a bear restored
  6. ive got a wolseley 1300 1972 that im restoring at the minute.Lovely little car
  7. im just restoring a 1972 wolsley 1300 does anyone else have one on here
  8. Have faith England could do it.I also believe in aliens
  9. wooden spoons for the england squad i reckon
  10. can anyone remember the ww2 bomb they detonated while building Rother valley park
  11. ssb is going to be legalised in the uk in the near future
  12. i use it in an escort and never had a problem at all
  13. ive got no phone or text its the third time in 6 months
  14. its just took sky 3 months to sort my wi-fi out and my on demand
  15. use nero on a slow speed thats what sorted mine
  16. Hi Does anyone know any where i can get a ukulele restored thanks
  17. another case for bringing back 50 lashes and a kick in the ******** utter scum
  18. have you put the correct password in for the wireless network.I have one of the for on demand and its great
  19. i went to motormania yesterday for one but it takes them overnight £9.99
  20. im near top shops and mine was playing up yesterday
  21. im having a tenner on that its all going to end next friday
  22. i lived on manvers road (32) next door to gig parkes from 1967-1983 it was brilliant growing up in beighton.My grandparents had sothall working mens club
  23. same thing happened to me last week.Then yesterday i got a letter telling me to make sure my bin lid was down completely.
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