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  1. I saw someone in a high vis jacket a few days ago standing on the outdoor terrace bit so it looks like it's not been completely abandoned
  2. building work seemed to stop for ages but then seemed to pick up pace, before grinding to a halt again. Hopefully they'll get around to finishing it eventually
  3. I can understand why people get confused with the parkway roundabout for Rotherham, but it is pretty sensible when you get used to it. The middle lane from the Parkway splits into being the left and middle lane once you pass the M1N exit, but i've seen plenty of times where people assume because they started in the middle lane that they need to continue to the middle lane after the M1N exit. But to answer the question of the thread, university roundabout is the worst, closely followed by st mary's, when you're coming from Bramhall Lane
  4. my 1.2 corsa (2014 petrol) did exactly this a few months ago. I took off the coil pack to find one of the rubber seals had perished and the spark plug was firing onto the engine wall so that's definitely worth checking (the error i was getting from a diagnostic check was a misfiring cylinder though). It was something like £15 for a pack of 4 rubber bits on ebay, or £100+ for the coil pack if that's gone
  5. I work in the Electric Works building next door, and we get reduced rates at the NCP on Arundel Gate, and the QPark next to the train station, I guess people in the Sky building will get the same. I'm not sure of the daily rate but £5.50 does ring a bell. There's also the NCP on Blonk Street, which is something like 50p an hour
  6. i've wondered this myself for the past few weeks but kept forgetting to check planning applications. It's going to be a 2 storey cafe with an outdoor area, application 15/01175/FUL
  7. i've used the cash machine on the side of the newsagents before, although I'm not going to lie, the unsavoury characters are a little intimidating, I've always found they'll move out of my way and have never given me any bother the worst thing about that part of the wicker is trying to avoid the street drinkers on methadone day at the pharmacy, it's like a zombie horde
  8. if you think the majority of forum users are like you I'll take that as a compliment. I highly doubt that this was a "random" attack, there will have been a reason behind it and it could have happened anywhere, it doesn't mean the area is a no-go area. There was a stabbing on West Street not that long ago, is that a no-go area too? If so you probably should tell the thousands of people who go along there at night, again all managing not to get stabbed
  9. i've lived near the Wicker for over 10 years and have been down there for many a late night kebab without getting stabbed/shot/attacked. I've not once felt unsafe down there
  10. it's Peace in the Park on Saturday, which is always a good afternoon out https://www.facebook.com/events/1385477714803286/
  11. it did a good job of demolishing itself a couple of months ago so they had to knock it down pretty sharpish
  12. from my observations they will usually sit at the junction, stare at the no right turn sign for a good 30 seconds before going for it anyway, so it's entirely arrogance.
  13. I live and park on Nursery street and have had to play dodge the idiot quite a few times. It scares me how oblivious people are along there as it's very clearly signposted
  14. they all cleared off about 20 minutes ago, as far as I cna tell trains were never delayed. I can see the station and also want to know what was going off!
  15. As a regular there for around 2 years now (almost every weekend!) I'm 30 and on some of the regular nights nights I almost feel old... If you go to one of the house nights such as Ohm Sweet Ohm (which sounds like what you're talking about) You'll find the crowd ranges from 18 to people in their 50s, nights like that everyone is there for the same love of the music (plus because it's not cheap to get in you don't get the idiots who can't handle their drink) and nobody at all will notice your age... I'd probably recommend avoiding Fridays, that is the "worst" day for students at the weekend, although they are generally lovely people I can guarantee you'll feel old then! The security are human beings, if treat them like one they are great people (I know quite a few of them really well now), if you act like a penis then don't expect them to be so friendly. Fights occasionally happen as you would expect but I see them far less in there than anywhere else, and they are always stopped efficiently but out of all the Ohm nights in the last 2 years (I've only missed one or two) I don't think I've ever seen a fight. The good thing about Plug is it's a little off the beaten track so the people who can't hold their drink tend to stay on West Street or Carver Street whereas the people who make the wander down to Plug tend to have a little more sense
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