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  1. You probably will get done for it just pay the fine and be honest in future. We've all done things like that at some point in our lives
  2. It was a big issue for pop stars in 1966. Outside of the vagaries of fashion and with long hair no longer a statement of rebelion most men on the street seem to gravitate towards short hair possibly because it is simply low maintenance. taken to its logical extreme with and shorn of its one time political ocnnotations the tendency of recent years seems to be for almost completely shaven haeads
  3. well as I said before it's just a case that they were breaking new ground,either with the hippy twaddle that had gone before or the shouty slogans of punk or even the manicured emotionally enemic synthesizers of new romanticism. It wasn't cool hitherto to sing about being an ordinary joe and worrying that the girl we fancy and we're trying to impress is bored with us, but the smiths changed that and put humdrum human reality at the centre of their songs. think of some great lines form smith songs like " if you're so clever and witty why are you on your own tonight". we're not talking about set the controls for the heart of the sun or lizard kings or London calling or Oh Vienna, we're talking about lyrics that are close to the bone here.
  4. Don't 80% of british people regard themselves as nominally Christian
  5. apart from the incredible string band probably no one.
  6. hawkwind! the were just an old hippy band lol The smiths like them or loath them were original they talked about things that weren't being talked about before. More than the musical quality -"girl afraid where do his intentions lay?" "boy afraid or does she even have any she never even looks at me and i give her every opportunity?". forget my BNP politics - who on earth has had a relationship or tried to attract a partner and can't relate to that? Who can hear song lyrics like that and not say yes I've been through that? as opposed to the stoned hippy fiddle faddle that had gone before or punk's "IO here we go?" or "Brixton burning" type rants.This stuff is hitting absolutely close to home, or too near the bone as the smiths sang.
  7. perhaps he shouldn't have given an interview to them in the first place. he must have known he's only keeping the music press or it's last remaining title alive. let them die that what's I say. they've never done him any favours.
  8. i suppose he might not care too much at the end of the day. And even if his British fans turn against him he's living in Rome and he's got his European and American fan base. Britain and it's silly culture of political correctness isn't the centre of the universe. As far as anyone outside of the uK is concerned most foreigners that have come to London will see his remarks about London as pretty in line with their own experience of the city anyway.
  9. I don't believe in organised religion though it's part of our heritage.It's just the idea of another man telling us the mind of god.The trouble is religion itself has become secularised itself or at least very politically correct. With only the nice bits of the Bible brought to anyone's attention. God of recent years has become much more interested in gay rights and anti-racism and tolerant of other faiths and in favour of abortion etc than I seem to remember to put it mildly.
  10. His hearing aid was just an accessory he didn't have any hearing problem apparently. A bit bizarre. I suppose it was a very morriseyesque skit on these people that wear clear glasses to look intellectual.
  11. Well what's the area of Doncaster that you come into when you aproach from Conisbrough - Balby? - presumably the primary school in that area is as much as i can tell you. Anyway i'm bored with this. As you all say you're not religious so why worry if Christianity is taken out of Christmas and in general your traditional culture is being debased by multi-culturalism. I should imagine most people who care will give up the ghost of arguing and being called racist and battling the same mono level brainwashed liberals and like Morrisey just leave you all to it if they can. I know i certainly shall one day.
  12. Why are you asking me a question you already know the answer to??? schools with Muslim pupils don't see it as appropriate for Muslim children to sing songs with Christian imagery
  13. Well you go out dressed as a Christmas tree in Broomhall tonight. You never know the local youth might pat you on the back give you a present and offer to pull a cracker with you.
  14. And what this ignorance shows about you all is just what ethnically non diverse areas you lot must live in. i know that is typical but don't you think that's a tad hypocritical for people that supposedly love to defend Britain's diversity?
  15. hrmm that's funny because they banned them in my nieces school in Doncaster no less
  16. Oh we used to sing christmas carols at school. Now that's out of the question. Anyway let's try and cheer everyone up >>> we wish you a happy wintersfest we wish you ahappy winters fest winterfest comes this time each year it's begining to look a lot like wintersfest everywhere you go
  17. well i'm not in Italy and i don't want to be investigated by the community hate crime unit. but maybe if I sing buon natale or whatever I might get away with it
  18. What's racist about not being able to sing Christmas carols?
  19. Well it's all these Christmas carols we' rd allowed to sing. Oh sorry winterfest songs. oh sorry no we've abolished all singing of hymns at this time of year because they offend other cultures.
  20. These things are all true. But according to the French estate agents there's only one reason that keeps coming up- one in your political correctness you haven't mentioned. As to London I hate the place. It's a sprawling monstrosity- a sort of multi-racial no man's land. And the horribleness starts right at Victoria where the churlish Italian cafe owner informs you can't just sit in the cafe and have a cup of tea you've got to buy a meal- time and money you're taking up a table. I really envy countries like Ireland that have friendly human scale capital cities to be proud of like Dublin or even expensive but picturesque cities like Paris or Rome. Give me Sheffield any day.
  21. Morrisey woudln't go into pubs i shouldn't imagine. At least not rough locals. Besides yes but in the weird way of things in British culture, working class men would have been the very types to lap up genres like the carry on films and are you being served and some mothers do av em etc etc all those sort of peculiarly british comedies which relied heavily on ouvert or unspoken camp characters. Someone even said even our football referees are camp. Which is actually quite true when you observe their gestures
  22. well a lot of british iconography that counts as our identity is gay, especially the theatre. that's another thing that counts out these macho alpha male type male immigrants, particularly black men, muslims and eastern Europeans
  23. but i'm explaining that the possible background is that the smiths were about celebrating this british iconography in their songs. In terms of immigration Morrisey didn't like urban black music, presumably because black rap music is a long way from George Formby and charles hawtrey. Morrisey also had a sardonic british irony which presumably you don't get in immgrant groups but which has obviously influenced people like jarvis cocker and the artic monkeys
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