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  1. Does Anybody remember Beatties that use to be where Maplin now is opposite the peace gardens, there used to be one in Meadowhall to, whatever happend to them?
  2. Damn right Stevierob (pardon my french!!), get back to school they obviously have had a negative influence on your life if you don't even attend school!!!! I think one of the main MC's is MC Paul Taylor I will be having words...
  3. Apparently there making a new redheat/k-9 style action thriller/black comedy
  4. Hi all just remembered I randomly saw bombhead from hollyoaks and celebrity love island on woodseats the other day in netto!!! I've actually seen him a few times now I got a photo took and had a chat with him one night out in woodseats, pretty decent lad he tells me he's pursuing a signing career not sure how it will go but watch this space. Just wondered if anybody else had a random celebrity sighting in sunny old sheffield recently.
  5. Steve think it's summed up mate see you tomorrow
  6. Think you can get down the vet for worming tablets??
  7. What are you doing looking in it bit odd
  8. Steve in this case you are wrong no harm done then.
  9. "Badminton is all in the wrists" Well the post is about arm movement so that answers it?
  10. But you don't always measure force with distance especially in this case also it's not just hitting the ball it's the game overall. So looking into the aspect of resilience as mentioned in my post it takes more resilience to stop a Tennis ball than it would a shuttle ****.
  11. thank you Floyd it makes sense doesn't it.
  12. Shut up Steve your sat opposite me
  13. A heated discussion has arisen in our office I think that Tennis uses more arm force and resilience compared to badminton e.g. More effort to get a Tennis ball across the net than a shuttle ****. Thoughts please.
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