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  1. Last time you went to hospital, were you tended by a doctor, a nurse or the night porter? Thought so.
  2. I thought it was called CBT. Unless you're also suffering from OCD (or CDO if it's very serious)
  3. I expect most of the graduates who stay in Sheffield will work at the local hospitals. Now the Tories will dismantle the NHS, whether future graduates will stay in Sheffield is open to debate.
  4. Most national days are when the host country celebrate their independence... usually from Britain I suppose we could celebrate kicking out the Vikings or the Romans but I'm sure most of us will be happy with a Thatcher day, where we celebrate her demise instead.
  5. Why have steak when you can have hamburger, eh charles? If you're gonna risk everything to have an affair then you go for somebody younger and better looking (Camilla was neither). Diana was one of the most beautiful women in the world, but Camilla looks like a horse
  6. By claiming £several hundred a week in housing benefit, I would expect. But don't worry, the government's benefit cap will fix the problem. By moving them hundreds of miles further north. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/nov/01/benefit-caps-housing-shortage-push-families-london
  7. Given that Farage hasn't even read his own manifesto, ignorance does seem to be UKIP's strongest asset.
  8. Just imagine: Policeman: Now Mr Croc, where were you between the hours of 3pm and 4pm on Tuesday the 17th? Croc: RRRRAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Seriously though, what the authorities usually do in this case is kill every crocodile until they find one that has the remains of a 12-year old kid in its stomach.
  9. Evidently not. Don't forget that behaviour you refer to as crass will undoubtedly be referred to by his supporters as honest and candid and refreshing and that the disabled person should apologise to Godfrey for having the temerity to be a disabled person. Anyway, I thought Godfrey had been kicked out of UKIP?
  10. Maybe you should sit down in future
  11. Is it true that Charles was still banging Camilla before he married Diana?
  12. Feel free to check your previous posts when we've discussed this exact issue. You've never once condemned the IRA as terrorists; instead you excuse and defend their acts under the label of nationalism. Thank you for re-printing a non-apology from the IRA that, like many of your posts, is worded to resolve them from blame entirely and shift the responsibility for the civilians deaths on the Police instead. It's a fascinating insight into your mind. Anyway, let's examine the facts of the case, rather than what amounts to an apology note from the IRA, shall we? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warrington_bomb_attacks#Second_attack Shortly before midday on 20 March 1993, The Samaritans in Liverpool received a bomb warning by telephone. According to police, the caller said only that a bomb had been planted outside a Boots shop. Merseyside Police sent officers to branches of Boots in Liverpool and warned the Cheshire Constabulary, who patrolled nearby Warrington. About 30 minutes later, at about 12:25, two bombs exploded on Bridge Street in Warrington, about 100 yards (91 m) apart. The blasts happened within a minute of each other. One exploded outside Boots and McDonald's, and one outside the Argos catalogue store. The area was crowded with shoppers. Witnesses said that "the first explosion drove panicking shoppers into the path of the next blast just seconds later". It was later found that the bombs had been placed inside cast-iron litter bins, causing large amounts of shrapnel. Now I may be of limited intelligence, but that is an act of terrorism, pure and simple. The 'warning' given by those honourable and brave freedom-fighters at the IRA was next to useless, given than Warrington and Liverpool are 20 miles apart. And the bombs were placed inside cast-iron bins to maximise civilian damage. Wex, please, just leave it there. You're beginning to sound like a terrorist apologist.
  13. I know, you've tried so many times in the past to convince me that the IRA aren't terrorists, but you know what, I just can't shake the idea that blowing up innocent civilians is an act of terror regardless of whether your name is Abdullah, Patrick or Dave. Silly idea, isn't it? Oh yes, like when the IRA phoned in a false warning saying a bomb had been planted outside a Boots store in Liverpool, when the bomb had actually been placed in Warrington town centre? Is this the kind of "warning" you refer to, that honourable folk such as the IRA give? That Warrington bombing killed two innocent children. Now I may be of limited intelligence, but blowing up innocent civilians in the pursuit of your political or religious goals is terrorism.
  14. I'm fascinated to know how you came up with statement. Did you even think before you posted? Do tell.
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