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  1. Can you let me know if there will be another this year? Keep missing this one!
  2. Excellent stuff. We received over 100 votes overnight and all thanks to you guys. Thanks again and keep them coming. Vote closes midnight tonight!
  3. Hi all, If anyone can vote for our scout hut through the following link, we will have the opportunity of getting £10,000 to £25,000 to expand and refurbish our scout hut in Crosspool. https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/project/view/16-3480 We've got 1800 votes so far and I was wondering if the community could help us push this to over 2000. It costs nothing, so if you have a few minutes please help out the young people (beavers, Cubs & Scouts) of Crosspool and Ranmoor. Thanks all, Nick
  4. Have you lost some keys? A selection of keys have been found outside the old Post Office next to the Mecca bingo in the city centre. They are on multiple rings and have a lanyard. Contact me if they are yours. I'll pop them into Sheffield city police station later today if no one claims them.
  5. We're in S10 and looking for a good independent financial advisor. Time to sort everything out. This is not relating to a house purchase.
  6. Anyone got some small wooden pallets I could get hold of? I need to replace a couple of fence panels and would like to recycle some pallets to fit in their place. 1 metre square or similar would be perfect.
  7. At the St Georges Day parade at Sheffield City Hall this year, there was a Scout Band leading the parade. I am just trying to find out where they are from and based. I've emailed the SY Scouts, but just wondering if anyone had any details on here. Thanks all, Nick.
  8. This quintet is now back on the cards. Get in touch if you're interested. enquiries@trumpetman.co.uk
  9. Police won't test for DNA unless a butt was found in the car and there was no other reason for it being there. I had a pc attend and saw my wife. He also came back the following day and discussed with me. Local officers have also attended to discuss from the safer neighbourhood team. The local Inspector and Sargent have also been in touch as there have been 3 incidents of this type on the road. Good support by SYP. Increased patrols and other measures taken.
  10. Just to make people aware, on the night of Tuesday 3rd June in to Wednesday 4th June a number of vehicles were entered on Dransfield Road in Crosspool, Sheffield. 2 cars were entered that evening. Both were unfortunately unsecure. The criminal or criminals entered the vehicle, released the handbrake and dropped the car down on to the drive, so not to be seen so well. They then sat in one of the cars, had a cigarette, listened to the radio (capital was on when the car was found in the morning) and removed the satnav and some cables. The handbrake was re-applied very strongly. The 2nd car was entered further up the road and dropped on to the drive in the same way, but no cigarette was smoked. Nothing stolen from this vehicle. Handbrake also applied strongly. A 3rd car was entered a couple of weeks ago, as the owner found that the vehicle stank of smoke in the morning. Nothing stolen. Police have attended. If you have any information please contact South Yorkshire Police or crime stoppers. Let me know if any other areas are suffering this unusual type of vehicle tampering and theft. All residents have been informed and reminded re double checking vehicles are secure.
  11. Weather not great, but would like to get out of the house today. Any events or attractions on today that would be suitable to take the kids to. 1 is 18 months and other is 4 years. Thanks all, Nick.
  12. I've heard that there are story teller entertainers that have props etc. but can't find anything from the usual web searches. If anyone has any contacts, please send them my way. Many thanks, Nick.
  13. Hi all, I'm building a chicken run at the moment and am looking for some chicken wire and some round pointed wooden posts 8' tall. Any ideas on where to get a good price for these in Sheffield? Many thanks, Nick.
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