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  1. Rudeboy! You're so rude. Actually, I am a bit of a know it all. But then again when I've studied architecture, planning, urban design, economic and environmental sustainability for the last 10 years then I'm afraid I do know it all (well nearly, as much as anyone can with the passion I have for the subject) and I would be patronising you and insulting your intelligence if I was to say otherwise. If you've read my other posts you should be able to tell me on your next post what buildings/developments I actually like then!
  2. If you read my original challenge it was about specific office developments (not shops or housing) for private companies (not government organisations) that will definately be built during 2008. I understand perfectly well what developments have planning permission and which ones work has already started on and even find one of them in particular (West Bar) a decent proposal for that particular site, just off the ring road, in the valley bottom and in a recognised office/business area (it's just a shame that the 3rd tower at the northern end of the site with a sloping south facing roof isn't going to have solar panels fitted). As for apathy. There is a lot in Sheffield, but for good reason and that's because we've been here before in the 1960's where we've rushed headlong into the latest trendy thing about how we're all going to live and work in the future and then when people suddenly realise that it's not for them the city's left with huge swathes of derelict, unsaleable/unletable housing. The only difference this time is that these future ghettos are privately financed rather than publicly funded.
  3. Try reading some of my other posts by clicking on my username and you'll find plenty of positives as well as constructive critisism. There are plenty of world beating developments that have happened in Sheffield which just makes it all the more frustrating when these developments are surrounded by crap.
  4. I totally agree. Their city centre is as bad as it is because of the uncontrolled, crass developments that have happened during the last 10 to 15 years. L**ds had probably the finest Victorian city centre of any city in the UK but instead of building on that legacy they've gone for the quick buck and created lots of centralised wealth surrounded by a ring of inner city poverty. It's almost like an English version of an Indian or South American city! Not my idea of progress.
  5. And obviously, indoing so, you end up just like them! But, in reality, just a pale imitation.
  6. Don't bother responding to this loopylulu as it's the usual political ploy of, 'we can't justify our position so let's attack the opposition.' Absolutely stupid, childish behaviour! :rant:
  7. Now that's the most insulting thing anybody's ever said to me! No I'm not old bean. Sheffield born and bred! Unfortunately, that's the problem. Sheffield's trying to turn itself into L**ds! And I'm sure you wouldn't want that now would you?
  8. Cheers wolfstatin and everybody that's PM'd me. I'll try Geoff first and if that doesn't sort the problem then I think a bit of 'off the forum' public shaming is called for as this kind of background underhand politicing not only brings the forum into disrepute but simply cannot and will not be allowed to continue! Watch this space!
  9. If you read my quote properly I was saying that you hadn't been as vocal in standing up for the Wisewood community as you have for your own Winn Gardens community despite the fact that it will affect your kids as much as anybody else's in that area. But of course you have to watch what you say now that you're a quasi council worker (volunteer). As for the last community meeting; remember the one about the flood held at Hillsborough Park bowling pavilion where you just sat there stuffing your face with free food and being extremely patronising to people who'd been flooded at Hillsborough corner. Actions speak louder than words foxy!
  10. Unfortunately foxy, not everyone is convinced by your false concern and bland rhetoric. Actions speak louder than words and not only have you been inactive on this issue you've not exactly been vocal in standing up for a fellow community, like Winn Gardens, that could be losing a valued community asset. I, after watching you closely at various community meetings, can see through the falseness to your true patronising, self indulgent personality.
  11. I think Paulmat and Unisol are, as usual, living in fantasy land. The stats you've used only impress the people who have a vested interest in these developments and the naive! There are lots of wills and coulds in there Paulmat and, as I'm sure you know but are scared to admit, these schemes are reliant on the state of the national economy which will ultimately decide what gets built and what doesn't despite the positive spin put on Sheffield's future economic state by faceless beaurocrats that are unaccountable and unreachable to the Sheffield public. You know, as well as I do, that for every temporary, glossy, shiny new development that gets built, another part of the city suffers. For most jobs created, a similar number are lost elsewhere in the immediate locality. While ever you remain on here putting a positive spin on mediocre redevelopment schemes, I'll be here to bring some much needed balance to the debate.
  12. You haven't seen my plans for the future of the city so obviously you're not in a position to comment on whether they are better than the mess we have at the moment. Without a shadow of a doubt I can assure you they are.
  13. Have you not read reports that there is to be a sharp economic downturn in 2008. Other than the office block planned for the former site of Office World on Eyre Street can you tell me about any other grade A private office development for private corporations that are definately going ahead in 2008?
  14. Wouldn't disagree with you there! Yes. There are a few offices planned but the vast majority are still for flats, (mainly for students) the majority of the rest remain empty for long periods.
  15. You're embarrassing yourself muddycoffee by some of your comments here. Sheffield going through an iconic moment would be if it wasn't so stupid. I can't think of a city where the word 'iconic' has been more overused and therefore much undervalued and simply rarely implemented. Turning Sheffield into Dubai? Not my idea of a nice place to be. Didn't you know that what looks impressive under a scorching desert sun can look absolutely dreadful on a wet, miserable winters day in England? I think you should stick to what you do relatively well (road movies) and leave the planning and aesthetic design of the city to those who know what they're talking about.
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