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  1. I could also re-train to become a driving instructor 1) I could annoy other road users by gving lessions in rush hour 2) I'm also a dab hand at letting rip, I'll be able to let of a few smelly belters, as the learner is attempting their 1st hill start. :D/ Where do you train, and do driving schools advise what to eat to create the worst rippers?
  2. What sort of cow is a snooty cow? I've heard of Freeshan and Jersey cows and what was a cow doing in a food outlet? thought animals were not allowed in places where food is being prepared
  3. I often give a tip, and thats to apply some deodorant, one driver told me to F. Off. I don't tip anyone anymore, that was the last time :mad: ungratefull swines
  4. Very unfair attack on Rich, I don't know the person myself however I get the impression that he does try and for whatever reason cannot secure paid work, which I'm sure he wants to do. Just thank your luck stars you don't find yourself in that position
  5. Rich, I've never attacked you for being unemployed, I have however put threads on (ie bus drive pasts, soakings, Learner drivers etc...) which you have reacted to. Never attacked you personally though I'm not into that sort of thing
  6. By and large I am in a recession proof industry, education (provided I'm teaching in the subject area that is being funded) However I have fancied doing HGV, seeing a bit of the country and doing something different. I'm not saying lorry driving is easy, however its something I wouldn't mind doing, if I was ever to be out of work I would do HGV
  7. You have hit the nail right on the head Carrie I couldn't have put it better myself
  8. People don't have to have a disability to be unemployable, some people for whatever reason may be very hardworking and honest, but for whateber reason simply don't fit in anywhere, I personally feel sorry for these people.
  9. This is the ultimate question, I know of people who have decided to try their hand at a new career, only to descover that after qualification, there are no jobs. So what would you do? learn a trade, or get a degree, after all, should you lose your job and then try to retrain the last thing you want is to end up in debt, with a qualification thats worth nothing and find yourself no more employable than you are now
  10. The problem with teaching is that it attracts too many failed graduates, too many graduates who have micky mouse degrees who cannot secure a job after graduation, and then get onto a PGCE, simply because they have a degree. Too many of these failed graduates ruin childrens education, and leave them with the skills to get by in our society after they leave school. I had to laugh once at someone who had completed a PGCE, he said "I didn't realise I had to do so much marking" ......AAAAARRRGGGHHH "Does the marking do itself? " :loopy: There are many fine teachers in our schools who do a fantastic job, sadly, their achievements/good work are being watered down, by the never ending influx of newly qualified PGCE failures.
  11. If you were to lose your job, would you try to find a job in the role that you lost, or would you retrain? if you were to retrain, what would you do to upskill yourself, in order to gain employment in the future?
  12. I sometimes believe that some people will never ever be able to get a job through no fault of their own, some people are simply hampered with bad luck and never get any openings in life. Some may get a degree, be honest and still its not enough. I once witness a time when a number of staff had to be made redundant, and strangely, it was the hardest working members of staff that were re-deployed/made redundant. The ones who skived/surfed the internet/threw sick were rewarded with full time jobs. (this was local authority) I often see threads from people on SF who are unemployed and are unable to gain proper employment be ripped to shreads by others who post
  13. Apparently, I just recieved a PM, Legends are having a Leeds Utd night next Wednesday, and people who turn up in a Leeds shirt will recieve a suprise. Anyone know what time to turn up?
  14. The EU is costing the UK a fortune, however one of the so called benefits of being in the EU was that all countrys would pull together in the event of a crisis. 1) The current financial disaster has seen all countrys looking after their own 2) I don't see any of our EU partners helping the British out in the most dangerous part of Afganistan 3) I sure when there are energy shortages in th futures, we in Britian have not prepared by building large stroage facilitys, can we assume that our EU partners will help us when our lights go out. 4) with the influx of people from Poland, we have seen a growth in "Pole Dancing", not good, perhaps the Poles could take this back to Poland.
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