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  1. WANTED - Storage Area. Wondering if there are any businesses in the South East of Sheffield with a reasonably secure, dry space that is not used; that would be suitable for storage, occasional light work (would not need to use electricity). In return, I could offer services as a caretaker, odd job help ad-hoc, I have public liability insurance cover for such. Would hope that this could put me on until I can sort out a suitably sized unit in the future (my current workshop is only 200'sq.).
  2. Thank's - i am usually very resourceful but missed that simple idea, i'll perhaps give that a go first.
  3. I want to clean out a drain in front of our gate (stop massive puddle) but the old cast iron lid will not come up. Anyone in the trade could advise me on a piece of kit to buy to lift it - looks like it should hinge on one side to open facing up. Not been lifted for few years by the looks of it as it is on a now private drive.
  4. Thrifty Store - Castle House, Castle Street, Sheffield - might have something - I got a Parachute soldier smock liner from there - bit random so you might find what you want.... otherwise mail order....
  5. Ha Ha... i think your idea was good Anna... BUT! should i ever need to come over to your house (or anybody) and change said light bulb i would waiver any fee thus showing good will AND get to know new, future potential customer for other odd jobs...there
  6. Have we actually got enough of a police presence to combat stuff like this and all the rest?? (not just in this area) If not, what can a councilor do? The people we supposedly elect have spent billions on war on the other side of the world and allowed the UK's infrastructure at all levels to go to ****...
  7. Once a month or so there is a get together at Boundary Mill Store car park at Catcliffe of car enthusiasts boy racers etc...burger van also and of course a bit of revving and tyre screeching (no harm done) So! might be a convoy from there off back home???
  8. Not a rich enough country to build more prisons unfortunately- we can of course dig in to the countries wealth reserves and chuck it at wars on the other side of the world...oh yes, billions can be found for that; but the infrastructure here at all levels...oh no, that can go to ruin...that's great leadership by our wonderful 'temporary' political parties isn't it...
  9. Yes... if it is true they are going ahead with it...sigh! Not a good idea pulling traffic off a main through road and on to back roads before they have to. What they should do is just widen the road outside medical centre, allowing two way traffic alongside much needed parking space; the grass verge is already worn away one side with parking...get rid and then free up two lanes again... cut in to big verge on other side also... Those who decide these things, probably do not live by to suffer the consequences... ---------- Post added 11-04-2014 at 21:37 ---------- Thinking about it though.... probably cheapest option...sigh!! slap a One Way sign up and slap down a bit of yellow paint... rather than cut in to useless wide verges on that stretch... (off on a rant tangent allert!!) then we can throw more tax payers money on war on the other side of the world all the while the UK sinks in to the cutback quagmire state we are in...sigh...
  10. A couple of years ago a roofer told me about a firm who's roof he had worked on; the company had re-located to a warehouse premises in Rotherham and saved 45k PER YEAR on the rates!! Good grief... Why can't our city leaders make Sheffield the place in our region that firms would want to re-locate to... no wonder shops come and then go...
  11. It is the way of the world we live in, we need a bit of kit to defend our homeland and it's interests. BUT!! i think what we did NOT need, was to throw billions of the UK taxpayers money on war on the other side of the world, trying to be world police alongside the USA; all the while government under investment in infrastructure/various etc has impoverished the UK in ways we all know... HOW many more hospital beds and school places (with all the resulting jobs created) could we have brought about with a fraction of the war expense. Not everybody votes, the few who are elected (by a few) by us to govern our country, have failed all of us in this respect; i think it is an absolute crime against us all, that so few can so greatly misspend UK public generated funds and then negatively affect so many.
  12. OXFAM is a good charity to support if they are decent...
  13. I may have missed something here as this is news to me... after said date, if you went to look at a car with a view to buying it (private sale), and you decided to, could you legally drive it back home?? is it clear yet what you would have to do...
  14. Market competition would help keep prices in check...
  15. And so it should...give the working poor chance to earn and then spend a bit more...it all helps the economy...
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