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  1. I watched that yesterday. Couldn't believe people stand to live like that, even though I know a few people who come very close. I wonder if you can anonymously put somebody up for the show.....
  2. I love my leggings! But I always wear a skirt with them. I think VERY few people (if any!) suit leggings on their own, regardless of size.
  3. Have you spoken to him about this? Is he single/available? What is stopping you from getting together? Sorry, I know that seems really nosy but I'm asking if it's an infatuation where something could happen, or whether it's definitely a one way thing/no go area etc. If only!
  4. In which case, employers would need to foot the bill entirely to provide a wage people can actually live off. But why would they be doing more for less? To work at a rate that would be the equivalent to the NMW, fair enough. How about some of the fathers of these children are made accountable for their part in the child/ren's existence/es? It takes two to make a child. Fair enough. And a moat, don't forget the moat.
  5. A lot of people I've had the misfortune to meet judge me. But they're just jealous because I can walk upright.
  6. Try this calculator for an idea of what (if any) benefits you would receive.
  7. Seriously that is digusting! Admittedly yuckiness is less yucky from your own child but that is going too far! I doubt my son would even LET me do that if I was so inclined (which I am not).
  8. I shower at least once a day. But I have to, I would hum to high heaven if I didn't wash frequently. Some people don't seem to need to. My father had a bath something like once a year**, but never smelled of BO. If I tried that, I'd be condemned as a health hazard. **Yes, slight over exaggeration!
  9. I think it has its place. My son is two and a half and watches TV. Some of the programmes he watches are educational and he has learned things I didn't even know. I think it's fine for children to watch some television, but it shouldn't be a replacement for doing things with them, taking them out, interacting with them, etc.
  10. I wear skirts when it's really hot because it's too hot to wear trousers. It is one of the perks of being female. But there's nothing to leer at as I always wear leggings with them.
  11. I'd rather walk that catch a bus, I've never liked them. But I don't mind trams and trains. Obviously the tram routes are more limited than buses, but assuming you're going somewhere that has both, I'd say tram every time. If I couldn't get the tram, I'd walk, drive or take a taxi as I can't stand buses.
  12. You got lucky. I have been screeched at by the harpie on the counter as I was making my way into the store. I'm in the "if they won't let you take your bags in they should provide a secure alternative to stashing under a counter" group.
  13. I'd go to the library on a Sunday, but I go every week anyway. It probably wouldn't be viable for many of them to open on Sundays as there wouldn't be many people going in. Which library has a cafe? I've been to a few in Sheffield and none had cafes that I noticed...?
  14. I bought some educational CD roms for my son when he was still a baby. He's not quite old enough to play with them even now, but I thought if nothing else, he might enjoy the games when he's a little bit older. I got three of them, which are supposed to help with learning letters/writing and numbers/maths. I'm happy for my son to follow his interests as far as learning is concerned, but do think that a basic understanding of reading/writing/numeracy is important.
  15. I speak online to an ex of mine now and again. It didn't end fantastically (as he was cheating) but it was nearly 15 years ago, so I'm over it now! I'd say that I wouldn't want to be close friends with an ex, because it doesn't work. But that could just be me. Thankfully all but one of my ex's are reasonable enough people, and although I don't go out of my way to contact them/be best buddies, I would nod/speak if I bumped into them. The one exception is a total skank, and I look forward to dancing on the scum's grave. It wouldn't bother me if I was with somebody who was on speaking terms with their ex, but I might wonder if they seemed unusually friendly.
  16. First tab = not allowed to say Second tab = here Third tab = iplayer Fourth tab = photobucket Fifth tab = search page
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