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  1. Thanks for the info. Looks like I'd better get some on the way there
  2. Hi All, does anyone know if theres still an off Licence next to the Ranmoor Tandoori. I'm going there to night and its Bring Your Own booze. I know there used to be a Threshers but seeing as they've all closed I wondered if its been replaced by another one. Cheers
  3. I noticed whilst I was going into town the other night that there is a new strip club on Arundel Gate, cant remember what it was called. Does anyone know what its called and if they do Ladies night?
  4. I'm assuming you mean Kissing Gouramis. I think you'd be able to get them from any pet shop that sells tropical fish. Think I've seen some in Pets at Home at Heeley Retail Park, but if youve got far to travel i would give them a ring first just to check
  5. we had the same problem with the neighbours 3 cats pooing on our lawn We got one of these: http://www.diy.com/nav/garden/garden-care-watering/pest-weed-control/animal_control/-specificproducttype-cat___dog_repellents/Defender-Mega-Sonic-Cat-Repeller-10777804 Our lawn seems to have been cat poo free since we've been using it.
  6. You could just do the chilli how you usually make it, but use veggie mince instead, if you dont what to risk the bean idea.
  7. Think they will be knocking it down soon as I've just read in this weeks Telegraph that planning permission has been granted for 9 flats, dispite concerns about parking.
  8. Now that is the funniest reply so far, and its not far off what would've happend if the little scubbers had gozzed on me
  9. They've only been open since this Monday and they are open everyday 7:00am till 10:00pm. I went in this morning, but just had a Latte and a massive piece of cake. The rest of the menu looks interesting, they do sandwiches, paninis, burgers, as well as the authentic Turkish and French food. You can get a shisha for £10 aswell, if your interested in that sort of thing! I would definately go in again and try something a little more substantial. I hope it does well as I could see myself sat in there on a regular basis with my coffee and newspaper
  10. If your still needing them, I know the ones you mean. There is some growing in the front garden of a house at the top of Brook Road, Meersbrook. It might be worth knocking on the door and asking if you could have a few
  11. I usually just buy the loose 'baking Poatoes' from the supermarket, I've never taken too much notice of what sort they are. I used to cook mine in the Microwave but thought they never turned out right I just bake mine the the oven now and dont bother with the microwave. I wash them and then prick them(dont know if you really have to do that) then I rub a bit of oil on the skins and sprinkle with rock salt, then bake them in the oven for approx 1.5 hours at 190 degrees This makes the skins lovely and crisp..and tasty
  12. I have managed to resist it -for 32 years, thats why I've no idea how to celebrate it My little lads the boss of me now, so if he says we celebrate it, then we celebrate it
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