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  1. This is exactly what I do living in Bradfield. However the closest amenities are either Stocksbridge which I don't mind or Hillsborough which is different story. Plus my work still takes me into many parts of the city which I cannot avoid unfortunately, if I can transfer to working over there I would not need to go to a city in my work day as it would cover surrounding rural and coastal towns only. It's a no Brainer to me, I get people like sheffield, I am just not one if them and am not proud to say this is where I am from
  2. None. Plenty of amenities and supermarkets close by and jobs in my chosen career. Won't need to go to a big city and don't intent to either. Anything you can't find here can be ordered online ?
  3. Firstly my mother is a 55 year old she not he!! Secondly, no she has not swapped like for like and moved to Skegness, Cleethorpes, Grimsby, Hull or Scunthorpe. She is 10 minutes from flamborough head which is a very beautiful coastline with stunning countryside too. Personally I can't wait to follow her with my children as I'd like to get away from Sheffield and never look back. I can never understand how people can become so ensconced in thier environment that they forget there are stunning places outside of Sheffield. I live in Bradfield which is stunning but I still have to work and shop in Sheffield which I have grown to despise.
  4. It's here in Bradfield but not as bad as predicted.
  5. I got my full pedigree seal point ragdoll at the end of November, he's gorgeous, I found 2 local breeders, one in wisewood and one in loxley on petforhomes website, I was able to pick my boy up the same day as he as ready to leave and had not been reserved, this is rare. Also proper breeders will not let a pedigree ragdoll go before 12/13 weeks of age. And yes they are popular and can be reserved as soon as they are born and people travel the country for them, so you have to be quick. I had been looking for a few months when I found mine. Make sure you get a gccf or tica registration form/papers with the ragdoll, they are worth every penny. Good luck.
  6. This is correct. I live here and we are just within the peak district national park but also it is Sheffield. It says so right on my address when letters come. Bradfield, Sheffield s6.
  7. Been snowing nicely in Bradfield for about an hour.
  8. There is one at The old Horns in High Bradfield S6 There is one The Plough in Low Bradfield S6
  9. Not 100% true. I am a "tea set freak" as you call us and would certainly pay more for a set then individual pieces which you can and I have found in charity shops for a few £s per piece. This way you can ensure in a set most items are of the same used or unused state and not have to mess about searching for odd bits to match. Not to mention most sets have serial numbers on the bottom of each piece.
  10. Hello I am interested in buying the royal Albert set if you still have. I am trying to collect this set. Can you inbox me please
  11. Yeah I just asked him if anything hurts and he told me "Only my feelings because it scared me" and then happily telling me about the police showing him there secret lights in the car so all ended well apart from the cars:D
  12. My 6 year old son was in this car with his childminder when another car went into the back of them around lunch time, everyone involved is fine, including my lovely little boy, just a bit scared and shaken at the time. Knowing this I probably will not sleep well tonight thinking what could have happened if it was any worse. It is a good job my childminders car was so big and sturdy to be honest or it might have been different story. I would like to thank the ladies in the cafe across from the park that helped supervise my son and gave him a drink while his childminder was dealing with the car and police. All that really matters is that everyone was unharmed.
  13. I was wondering the same, I live in low Bradfield and drop down home via high Bradfield past the old horns, I was unable to get home this way due to the road being closed and had to redirect to Loxley all the way round the reservoir and back on myself just to get home.
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