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  1. Are you a wiz at wielding willow or a master of masking tape? Do you love lanterns and community Carnivals? Sharrow Lantern Carnival is a community event run by volunteers and we need help to run public workshops for families to make their own lanterns before the day of the Carnival. You don't even need to have made a lantern before, coz it's so easy if you're just a bit creative. You just need to friendly, welcoming and willing to help others. The workshops have a lovely inspiring atmosphere, Running through March to the day of the Carnival (Sunday Apr 7th 2019) : 1-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays at the Old Junior School, South View Rd, S7 1DB. March Sat 2nd, Sun 3rd, Sat 9th, Sun 10th, Sat 16th, Sun 17th, Sat 23rd, Sun 24th, Sat 30th, Sun 31st, Apr Sat 6th. 5-8pm on Tuesday evenings at St Mary's Church, Bramall Lane, S2 4QZ. March Tues 12th, Tues 19th, Tues 26th, April Tues 2nd. Find out more on Facebook @Sharrowlanterns and send us a message Volunteer Training Session on Saturday Feb 16th. James
  2. Sharrow Lantern Carnival Sunday April 7th 2019 Gathering a Mount Pleasant Park 7.30pm, The parade starts at 8pm and arrives at the General Cemetery at 9pm. Everyone is welcome! Children must be accompanied by adults. Wrap up warm and bring torches too. Make a lantern before the Carnival at our workshops... 1-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays at the Old Junior School, South View Rd, S7 1DB. March Sat 2nd, Sun 3rd, Sat 9th, Sun 10th, Sat 16th, Sun 17th, Sat 23rd, Sun 24th, Sat 30th, Sun 31st. Apr Sat 6th 5-8pm on Tuesday evenings at St Mary's Church, Bramall Lane, S2 4QZ. March Tues 12th, Tues 19th, Tues 26th, April Tues 2nd. Workshops are free, and all materials are available, however we would encourage donations! Find out more on Facebook @sharrowlanterns
  3. Yes, as already mentioned, go to open mic nights, play your songs a million times wherever and to whoever you can. But most importantly, hang around and talk to the other players, and the old guys who've been doing it for years. Ask questions about gear, technique, performing, and listen. And appriciate what they do even if it's not your thing. They'll love you, and by the time you're 18 you'll have a huge network of friends willing to give you all their experience to help you achieve what you want. Good luck
  4. Hey, yes there are a few things... Optronica is an performance night, monthly at different venues. Synth Club has just started, once so far at Hagglers, DINA is an interesting venue that has synth meets occasionally. Check all these on Facebook.
  5. St Mary's UpCycle Fete Sat July 14th 2018, 11-4pm Free entry Games and Family Fun UpCycled Arts and Crafts market Music and dance International food St Mary's Bramall Lane, S2 4QZ www.facebook.com/events/194766907957304/
  6. Hello everyone There are so many Community Food Growing Projects in Sheffield and they all need volunteers. We've put together a website to help people find their nearest local project: www.growsheffield.com If you know anyone who could benefit from getting involved please encourage them to have a look. Cheers James
  7. Update: Our workshop has indeed moved, now called Napier Street Community Workshop, housed inside the Baptist Church. If you know any old guys who would benefit from making use of their practical skills while being social, you can read more about it and get in touch here: http://www.timebuilders.org.uk/making-projects James
  8. I see that men in sheds has come up in this thread. I can give information about Sheffield's similar project, called The Napier Street Community Workshop. Women are welcome but it's primary aim is to engage older men. Its true that there is so little community projects for isolated blokes. I hope the original poster's project gets going. Here's a link to the workshop: http://www.timebuilders.org.uk/making-projects James
  9. Hi, yes there is, if you go on to the website: https://menssheds.org.uk/find-a-shed/ there is an entry: KPCP Men in Sheds Kimberworth Park Road, Rotherham S61 3JT, United Kingdom We have only been open for just over a year, but we have produced agreat variety of wooden projects, (nest boxes, bird tables, garden furniture etc. We recently had a woodlathe donated by a kind member, & we are learning all the time. Please join us! Contact Terence Renwick terencerenwick@aol.com 07791639383 ---------- Post added 27-11-2017 at 16:17 ---------- Hi Thanks for posting. At the moment we're not ready to start something in your area, but we'd be happy to share our experience. Meanwhile we'll keep our ears to the ground. If you wanted to contact us directly please find our website here: http://www.timebuilders.org.uk/making-projects Cheers James ---------- Post added 27-11-2017 at 16:29 ---------- Update for Nov 2017: Our workshop has moved... The Napier Street Workshop is now open. We've taken over an old café inside the Baptist Church (behind Waitrose) the entrance is on Napier Street. We've filled it full of donated tools, work benches and found timber. Our aim is to build useful things for the community (and sometimes for ourselves). We particularly welcome older men who want to be productive, pass on their skills and experience and work together. Please see our website and get in touch if you'd like to know more: https://www.timebuilders.org.uk/making-projects Cheers James
  10. We're looking for crafty types to have stalls at our UpCycle Fete. UpCycling is all about celebrating the creative transformation of waste materials. Should be a nice day out as well, with an UpCycle Arts & Crafts Market, an International FoodCycle Buffet, a Birds of Prey Display, Climbing & Caving experience, Fete Games and family fun of course. All at St Mary's on Bramall Lane, July 29th 2017. 11-4pm Share us here: The Great UpCycle Fete To book a stall email: events@stmarys-church.co.uk The event is a fundraiser for St Mary's and TimeBuilders
  11. Gaunt Shops Makers Group - Gleedless Valley We are a new group that will especially benefit older men who need to be productive, pass on their experience and make new friends. We are setting up a workshop in one of the units at Gaunt Shops, and plan to make benches and flower beds for the concrete precinct in front. We are running on Thursday mornings from 9am, on these dates: July 20th, 27th. Aug 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st. Sept 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th. Address is 181 Blackstock Rd. Please call James for any info: 0114 223 0240 or email james.starky@timebuilders.org.uk
  12. Gaunt Shops Makers Group Woodworking skills needed! We are a new group that will especially benefit older men who need to be productive, pass on their experience and make new friends. We are setting up a workshop in one of the units at Gaunt Shops, and plan to make benches and flower beds for the concrete precinct in front. If you know a carer who needs some time-out please tell them. We are running on Thursday mornings from 9am, at 181 Blackstock Rd, (Gaunt Shops) on these dates: July 20th, 27th. Aug 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st. Sept 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th. Please pop-in or call James for any info: 0114 223 0240 Thanks James
  13. Here is an up-date for 2017: St Mary's Mesters Communal Workshop is open. St Mary's Community Centre, Bramall Lane, S2 4QZ We've had loads of tools donated, so now we need people. Especially people who can supervise, who are friendly and have some common sense about DIY and H&S. Please get in touch, call 0114 223 0240, pop-in to St Mary's and ask for Paul or James, St Mary's Community Centre, Bramall Lane, S2 4QZ. We also have a page here: http://www.timebuilders.org.uk/making.html
  14. We have a community garden at St Mary's on Bramall Lane. We use raised-beds in the grounds of the church. Our volunteers grow vegetables that go straight into our café. Community growing projects like ours are a great way for people to get out of the house and get their hands dirty, make friends and feel useful. If you know anyone who could do with feeling better, please ask them to pop-in to St Mary's or give us a call on 0114 223 0240 to find out more. Cheers james
  15. Hi Hanna I'm looking for a drummer/percussionists to start something dance-able, kind of disco-punk, a bit like Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem. The set up would be synths and drum machines sequenced together with real drums and percussion along side. And bass, guitars eventually. Possibly with several shouty vocals rather than one singer; not sure yet. If you're curious and want a better description I'll be able to send you something. Cheers James
  16. On Thursday September 29th, Sheffield 50+ will be hosting a large event on the Moor, celebrating our city's citizens who are over 50 but doing great things. They are looking for musicians and other performers (who are 50+) to do short sets. There will be a small stage with a PA and a stage manager. If you are interested please post below here with a description of what you do I'll send you the contact details of the organisers. Cheers
  17. Hey, the link took me to a song by a band called Broken Saints, there were no skateboards in it, so i'm not sure if its yours. Its good though.
  18. Looking for people to play percussion, or just to shake and hit stuff, to create something in the style of LCD Soundsystem, William Onyeabor, Hot Chip, Happy Mondays, Ibibio Soundmachine. Synth based disco-punk. The idea would be to have a couple of percussionists and a drum sequencer instead of a drummer, so there is an electro feel but still very 'alive'. Plus synths, bass, lots of vocals, and whatever else cones along. Nothing too serious, and you don't need experience. In fact if you can dance to begin with, then you can probably learn to play to some cool rhythms. I play synths, guitar, bass and I've put together bands and gigged around Sheffield before. I've been making some really rough demos, just ideas, here: Get in touch, James
  19. Hi Wallace Yes, we were on the Rony Robinson Show, here's the clip if anyone wants to hear it. We starting talking about loneliness and isolation at about 8 mins into the programme, then we talk about our new workshop at about 17 mins: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03pkps6
  20. St Mary’s Community Centre on Bramall lane is opening a communal workshop, called ‘St Mary’s Mesters’. At St Mary’s we have recognised the need for a place to share skills, tools, materials and community spirit. Our workshop will be open to everyone, but it will particularly benefit retired men who may have lost motivation or feel isolated. Like a garden shed but bigger and friendlier, it will be a place to make friends, be productive and feel useful. St Mary’s Mesters will open in an old industrial building opposite St Mary’s Church. It will be stocked with donated tools and run by volunteers. The idea is that anyone can make use of the workshop. Bring your own personal project to work on; the perfect bird table perhaps, or work together making useful things for good causes, such as furniture for families in need. You could ask for advice, learn new skills or resurrect ones you’ve forgotten and teach others. We would like to invite anyone interested to help us get it started. We need volunteers to supervise and organise, and we need tools. Please come to our public meeting on Tuesday April 19th at 6pm at St Mary’s on Bramall Lane. Or call James on 0114 223 0240, pop in to St Mary’s anytime for more information, or check our website: http://www.timebuilders.org.uk/st-marys-mesters.html
  21. Or Psychedelic-disco-punk? Come on everyone, you know you want to... James
  22. I'm pleased to announce that Sheffield's first 'Men's Shed' will be opening soon. It will be a communal workshop, open to everyone (not just men). It will be based at St Mary's Community Centre, and it will be called St Mary's Mesters. It will be a place where anyone can share tools, skills and community spirit. Where craftsmen and amateurs can work shoulder to shoulder on personal projects or make useful things for charitable causes. Like a garden shed, but bigger, cheaper and friendlier! We need help to set it up; donations of tools and volunteers to organise and supervise. To get involved please come to our public meetings: Tuesday April 19th at 6pm, or Wednesday May 18th at 4pm, at St Mary’s Community Centre, Bramall Lane, S2 4QZ. To find out more please call James on 0114 223 0240. We hope that this will inspire other neighbourhoods in Sheffield to open their own communal workshops. We think that very community needs one.
  23. Hi my friend is a choir leader/singing teacher who is looking for a guitarist to accompany two community choirs for rehearsals on Wednesday afternoons from 12-5pm, for 8 weeks starting April 6th. The rehearsals will end with a public performance at the Sheffield Food & Drink Festival in the city centre. Songs have been chosen, music will be provided. The two choirs are in different locations so you'll have to have your own transport. Please PM and I can pass the details. James
  24. So who likes William Onyeabor, Hot Chip, Caribou, soukous, kuduro, Ibibio Sound Machine, LCD Soundsystem and lots of other wonky-retro-electro-afro-funk? I really want to get something similar going. I can play bits of guitar and bass, synths and drum machines, but more would be merrier of course, and percussionists, and bass, singing and anything else. I've gigged around sheffield before with other bands and I'm keen to gig again. Whatever you play, please get in touch. Cheers James Ps. I've put some very low quality ideas on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jamesinsheffield/idealoop45 And for reference here is the last band I put together: https://soundcloud.com/jamesinsheffield/gonna-have-to-break-your-heart-demo
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