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  1. Hi, anyone know a sitar teacher in Sheffield? Can't find anyone.
  2. Hi, I'm a hobbyist electronic music maker, learning and experimenting. Dabbling in many different genres including Ambient/Chill, EDM, Acid, Jungle, D&B etc etc. Are there groups/meet ups that exist already for this in Sheffield?
  3. Hi, Get in touch with the sheffield college. I think they have rooms they let to community projects. Also have a look at http://www.thecirclesheffield.org.uk they are run by Voluntary Action Sheffield so might be able to give you some advice.
  4. Hi. Does anyone know any 5 string banjo teachers? I am struggling to find anyone who teaches it or someone who plays it that can give me tips / be convinced to teach me. Can anyone recommend a teacher or know someone who plays it in Sheffield? Thanks, Dan
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any 5 string banjo teachers in sheffield? Preferably in the huntersbar area, or is willing to travel. Have asked around and they seem to be in short supply! Also thinking about singing lessons if anyone can recommend anyone? Thanks.
  6. You do raise more good points! This is exactly why I asked for thoughts before organsing too much. yeah thinking about it things would probably need to be pat tested. that could hinder things. Not sure about idiots walking in. there are too many about. thanks
  7. Where were you able to host them? did you have to pay or they happy with getting people in?
  8. I didnt think about sensible soccer! thanks for your links and feedback
  9. sorry you make a good point. it would be video games. I was thinking Mario Kart on the SNES for the first one. I need to find out more about this retro games show. sounds good.
  10. My friend and I are considering organising a retro video games night somewhere in Sheffield, where people can turn up and compete, or just play, drink and talk. (Think Games Master in a bar) Basically I’d just like to know if anyone would potentially be interested in such a night or have any suggestions before we go too far organising anything? Any thoughts welcomed. Thanks, Dan
  11. I walk past this place every lunch time and am waiting on its opening
  12. I'm really out of touch with nights and i was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that plays drum and bass, and/or dubstep kind of music on saturday 28th? its a birthday outing and i do not want to end up at corp again.. so any advice would be very helpful! Thanks.
  13. i was wondering a couple of days ago if there was a Mexican round London road. id definitely come
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