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  1. Exactly, if a car fails to stop when the police are obviously asking you too, blue lights and siren etc, then maybe it should be mandatory that a unmarked car follows at a safe distant at the same time deploying the police chopper to follow. You cannot weigh the cost of that against the likes of having four people losing their lives.
  2. So glad its not my butchers in the Barracks, been going there for about 20 yrs, they are friends as well as the people who feed my family xxx
  3. I remember those days also ---------- Post added 30-09-2018 at 23:39 ---------- You don't have to have the brown bin, I don't see why they cant use the same methods as they do in Cornwall, they use the large shopping style bags, much easier to accomodate
  4. The girl in the shop said that the shop wasn't taking enough to support the post office, so the post office will close, she does not know if the shop is closing, but as I say, its only been bought over in the past couple of months or so, makes no sense. I preferred Spar to the Co-op as it was the smaller of the two so felt it was right to support the smaller shop, but now I'm angry these people have come, sacked all the staff or will be doing and we are losing a vital part of the community.
  5. New people took over the Spar in Stannington Village, last week they did not order in newspapers and today I'm told all the shop staff that have been there for years are to be paid redundant and the Post office is to go. Disgusting. Why take on a shop to just run it into the ground overnight.
  6. As you cannot hear cycles behind you now, when a women came flying past me on our country lane, setting my dog off barking her head off, I asked politely if she could ring a bell or shout to let us know she is there, she stops and yells at me "Why I'm not causing an obstruction, I said "no but you could cause at accident" At that she starts to cycle off being abusive as she did so. Hope she don't pass me again, I will not be so polite. I really detest cyclist, they think the rest of us owe them a right of way.
  7. How do we stop knives being used in the first case, its just awful
  8. Can anyone tell me, did SCC send the gritters out on Friday or Saturday, i couldn't believe how bad the roads were
  9. Certainly needs something doing, its been an eyesore for ages
  10. Thank you Anna, I'm aware of the book, just wondered if any one knew on but it don't seem that way x
  11. HI Looking for a literary agent, can anyone suggest someone? Thank you Sue
  12. Did that today and she just wents skits and that as with her being on the lead, she just gets too excited, never known a dog like her. Do you hink getting her spayed will help, its something we had planned to do but I'm wondering if sooner rather than later wold be a good idea? Thanks for replying
  13. Hi, Yea I have tried tog ive her things like her chew bones which normally she loves, but just ignores them when people come. I got her a toy from Amazon, one of the ones you mentioned and she almost swallowed the parts of it, not safe for dogs like Ziggy, she found her own way of getting the treat out and it wasn't how it was meant to be. I have tried to mail a behaviour person, so far no reply, I will phone him on Monday if I don hear from him. Thanks for your replyx
  14. This is my second border collie, she is now 9mth old, has her from 8 weeks old. I have had dogs all my life but just cant figure this one out. The problem is when people come to the house, she just goes nuts, she jumps all over them for a couple of seconds till we can catch her and stop her, then she gets her ball and she brings it to you, this would be fine but she does it all night, if you dont throw it for her, she barks to get your attention, she just does not back off and every so often she will take a flyer and jump on the guests. We had one dog trainer, but she proved to be no use, otherwise I wouldn't be writing on here, I have had dogs all my life but I now dread people coming to the house because of Ziggys behaviour, if you put her in another room, she just barks all the time. When its just me, my husband and her, she is sound as a pound. I need a specialist behaviourial person like that dog whisperer. Can any one advise or assist. Thank you
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