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  1. There is a small classic car and bike show in Dore on Saturday 1st July: Dore Club, Townhead Road, Dore. 1pm - 5pm (entrants can arrive from 11.30am) Free entry Prizes BBQ Bar I will be there in my 1984 Golf GTi.
  2. I started out with MGBs, owning around a dozen. Then I got into BMWs including various saloons and estates, a couple of convertibles and three M635 CSis. I also had a Cavalier SRi, Toyota Corolla GT and MR2 plus an Austin Healey 100/6. I now favour VAG cars, with an A6 Avant, a TT roadster and a 1984 Golf GTI.
  3. Bushey Wood Road and Church Lane, Dore. Often used by Land Rover to test vehicles....
  4. My sister is a domestic cleaner based in S6. She is always busy due to recommendations. Message me if you want her number.
  5. I have used Metal Magic for many sets of alloy wheels and can recommend them without reservation. For mobile repairs I use BMV in Sheffield.
  6. I would recommend Richard at Dent Medic. 07932 151991 He did a great job on my Mk2 Golf GTi's dents.
  7. The first set usually starts around 9.00. The second set usually finishes around 11.45. Feel free to check with the venue.
  8. The UK's best Rolling Stones tribute are at Maggie May's on Thursday 21st Feb. A must for any Rolling Stones fan! http://www.thestones.co.uk
  9. Tec-Nick Autos look after all three of my cars. They are trustworthy, knowledgeable, do a professional job for a sensible price and their tyre prices are also very competitive. I work opposite another Audi-VW specialist but choose to take my cars to Tec-Nick. I would recommend them without hesitation.
  10. I do like these - a mate had one with a red check seats. Any pics?
  11. I use a 15' Shimano Technium Specimen Float rod for barbel on the Trent. I've had them to over 13lbs with it. A mate uses a 15' Shimano Aerocast which is also an excellent rod.
  12. I can recommend Tec-Nick Autos who are just off Queens Road on Duchess Road. Nick the owner is ex-Gilders and a fully qualified VAG Master Technician. They maintain my VW and 2 Audis. They also sell tyres at competitive prices. http://tec-nick-autos.co.uk Tel: 07841 910611
  13. A covered car park would be good - perhaps Meadowhall or Tesco on the Wicker? There's always loads of empty spaces there in the evening. There's a decent coffee shop in the store. Probably a non-starter but worth asking?
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