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  1. I split up with my partner about 10 months ago now so Im definetly not expecting anything this year, mind you last year he sent me a bunch of red roses to my work place which was really lovely and totally unexpected. Jo x
  2. Oi now now theres an essex girl in the house we aint all juan kerr's I assure you. LOL Jo x
  3. Mmm... Someone I can fart in front of, someone that wont let me down and disapoint me, someone who wont nick the duvet, someone who can cook, someone who has a job, someone that wont make me feel like he's doing me a massive favour by taking on my son, someone sociable, someone who likes my family, someone not commitment shy, someone that hasnt got emotional problems. If he is also dark haired, tall with stocky build, gorgeous, kind, caring, down to earth and funny this would help loads. Jo
  4. Theres a fine line between an adult wearing a T Shirt with a rude slogan and letting a child as young as 7 / 8 wear one, I certainly wouldnt allow my child to wear one, as for me I wouldnt have to bottle to wear something too suggestive, I think the only slogan T Shirt I wore once said Twin Airbags (fitted as standard) but I guess thats fairly tame in comparison to some rude T Shirts. I did see another T Shirt with a funny slogan which said "Now I know why animals eat their young" which made me really laugh, I would definetly wear that. Jo x
  5. I was with my now ex for almost 4 years, I live in Dagenham, Essex and he lives in Sheffield. We decided to live together about a year and a half into our relationship so we started to look for a house exchange, but this took its toll because we endured one disapointment after another. Because he had no responsibilities and was unemployed he was able to do a majority of the travelling down to Essex but every once in a while he would make it clear how he did all the travelling in the relationship or tell me his dad would say to him how he does all the travelling, it would make me feel just awful, in my defense being a single mum with a part time job made it hard to meet him half way, its not like I had a babysitter on tap and my mum wasnt always available to have my son for weekends at a time, but I did come up to Sheffield when she was able to babysit. I suggested to my ex that we save up for a car which we were doing, then one day out of the blue his dad gave him a car, we were both so happy because we thought it would make positive changes to our relationship, but then he began to resent the 4 hour drive down and I suppose I couldnt blame him but it was immensely frustrating, I began to feel like a burden and not a girlfriend. Anyway, we continued to search for a house exchange which was proving to be an annoying and fruitless task and it really got the both of us down, so I suggested he move in with me and my son but we could continue to search for an exchange, but he said no, he said he couldnt face leaving his friends and family and he simply hated southerners LOL (Cheers), he especially hated my family, I did understand to a certain extent but I guess Iam an old romantic and I thought and hoped that if you love someone you can overcome the little niggly issues, but he sadly didnt see it that way. I was absolutely devastated and I just couldnt take anymore so I made a decision to end it, I just couldnt see a future together because the disapointments, the frustrations and the resentments were making things unbearable. Anyway, he went quietly and didnt put up much of a fight and shortly after we split up he met a new girl but shes from L.A. California. Thats just my experience of Long Distance Relationships, I do think in some instances they work I guess it depends on team work and compromise. I hope he is happy anyway, I dont wish him ill will, he was a lovely bloke and brilliant with my son and we both miss him like mad, but I do have some good memories of the time we spent together, but we are no longer friends, he hasnt spoken to me since the split and I doubt he ever will. Jo x
  6. Well Ive been single for 8 months now, Im still coming to terms with it as I really loved my boyfriend but he moved on almost straight away which was a bit of a kick in the teeth, but I have no right to complain as I was the one responsible for ending things. My self esteem is pretty low right now, but Im trying to get myself back out there and make some new friends, I dont want to meet someone else at this moment in time as it would just be a rebound, at the moment meeting someone new seems totally impossible because I cant imagine having the same friendship and connection as I did with my ex or going through the process of introducing my son to someone new. Im not happy about being single but then again Im not unhappy either Im somewhere inbetween, if that makes sense.
  7. Name: Joanne Age: 31 Where your from: Dagenham, Essex Status: Single Occupation:Admin Assistant Fav Food: Chinese Fav Drink: Brandy and coke Music Taste: Any latest chart release & 60's 70's 80's and 90's stuff, Im pretty versatile in my tastes Fav Person/People: Peter Kay & Catherine Tate More about me: Im a single mum to my 7 year old son, Ive got a great sense of humour & Im a down to earth individual, Im quite shy but once I get to know people I relax a bit and have been told I am quite witty. Im a sensible gal and Ive never been a rebel, Im really keen to meet new people and make some new pals, Ive been single now for 8 months, I was going to move to Sheffield as this is where my ex lives but sadly it didnt work out. If you wanna see my pic then go to http://www.myspace.com/fiendishfiend30
  8. Seriously this is no joke but when I was in secondary school my english teacher's name was Miss Shufflebottom. She was a pretty good sport though and told us all on the first day to get all the jokes out in the open before we began our first class, I think it made us all relax around her, it was refreshing to know she wasnt some stuffy uptight teacher. Jo
  9. The funniest thing that happened to me was when I was in Boots with my mum and my god that woman needs a health warning on her arse, anyways she let rip and it was the most evil smell ever, so evil infact that this woman that was standing next to me and my mum complained to the security officer and told him she suspected they had a problem with their drains. Me and my mum were hysterical, we nearly wet ourselves with laughter. Jo x
  10. Oh crap (pardon the pun) there was me thinking I was getting away with it. LOL Jo x
  11. I worry about letting rip on the packed out tube every Monday when Im on my way to work, its a case of squeezing my bum cheeks together and hoping to god the bugger doesnt escape, I dont think I could live with the shame if anyone heard it let alone smelled the toxic fumes that come from my backside. Bloody Vegetables they should be banned, brussells are the worst culprits. Great thread by the way. Jo x
  12. Awwww thank you datal thats very kind of you, but just to reassure you no thats not me bouncing on that chap LOL, shes pretty energetic isnt she hahaha. Jo x
  13. Age: 31 F Interests: Eating out, Cinema, Internet and Animals 5 words: Loyal, funny, shy, caring and honest What am I looking for: A new best friend See my pic http://www.myspace.com/fiendishfiend30
  14. Hi guys My myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/fiendishfiend30 feel free to add me or say hi. Jo x
  15. I wont be moving to Sheffield anymore I split up with my partner in April I still love your city though its great
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