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  1. I am looking to find anyone who lived on Victoria Road, Woodhouse, in the 1940s-1960s.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I did get in touch with the Sheffield Tourist folks and they said the same thing. It looks quite nice actually.....family-run bed and breakfast. Cheers!
  3. Anyone know of a reasonably-priced hotel or B&B that is close to Woodhouse. Seems there is nothing in the village at all and I want to visit and do some family research. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Mary70, please email me at this address. junertcb@yahoo.com. I am so excited that you knew my nanan, Mrs Bedford. Yes, I will be 60 on November 4th. Give my best to your family. June Robertson.
  5. What was your last name? We could easily have known each other. Did you go to Joe's shop on the corner and get those amazing blackcurrant frozen lollies?............did you get fish and chips from across the street? My grandmother, Nellie Bedford, lived to be 106. It seemed as though everyone knew her. I sure did love my 'Nanan'. What is Woodhouse like now, I wonder.
  6. Wasn't born and bred there but, spent many happy summers in Woodhouse. My grandparents lived at 10, Victoria Road....Robert and Nellie Bedford. My Uncles were Peter and Bernard and my Aunts were June, Alice and Hilda. My mother was Barbara. My closest cousins were Michael and John Stevenson who both emigrated to New Zealand. I live in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. I will be 60 in November. Those were the good old days, we just never knew it.
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