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  1. No one will come out to move it. Best thing is take a bag, use the bag to pick it up and put it in the bin. Poor thing
  2. Which vets was it? So that anyone with wildlife can avoid them
  3. Because they are now on the invasive species act so someone is liable to try killing it. However if you read the risk assessment given for the siberian chipmunk that was given when they were putting it all together no chipmunks that have escaped before have managed to survive in the UK in the wild, they were either recaptured or a lot were caught by cats.
  4. Humane mouse trap would be a bit small for a chipmunk. They love nest boxes so if they can be persuaded to go in and you wait for them to sleep then you may be able to catch it that way but you would need a cage to move the nest box to. They also love mealworms so that may help. Even if tame they are extremely fast, but a large net might help. It is crucial it is caught as it wont survive out there
  5. If your other half cannot drive please bare in mind that a vet that may seem close, may have an out of hours that is much further away. I think a lot of them use the vets now at attercliffe, I saw one that uses a night cover in rotherham! So make sure to check out where the out of hours is before you pick a practice. Peak provides its own, but like you said if your partner doesnt drive and you are a bit far it can be tricky
  6. I would take AADF with a pinch of salt tbh. They slate That'll do yet rate Eden which made my dog ill. Its all well saying what looks good on paper but it needs to suit your dog aswell
  7. Raw is also a good choice, it didnt suit my dog but my cats did well on it
  8. Another vote for CSJ, have my dog on it and he has lovely soft fur. Moved him onto a really expensive food that is meant to be brilliant and it just didnt suit him, he lost a load of weight and his fur was awful so I am sticking with CSJ. The one I use is That'll Do
  9. It is also what suits your dog. Before I knew better my first dog got to nearly 15 on what I now know is an utterly appalling food. My current dog has tried many different foods, I wanted him on the best I could get and even had him on Eden, which gets a 5/5 on the dog food review sites and is amazing on paper. He lost a lot of weight and was in the vets for numerous tests. Wondered if it was the food so moved him onto something I knew he did fine on, That'll do by CSJ. He's put weight on and his fur is soft again! Odd creatures are dogs. (I'm not saying go for any old cheap stuff btw... I hope you can find a food to suit )
  10. Dont go with Animal Friends they are notorious for not paying out. You are best off going with somepone reputable, like Petplan. The premiums will be more however they are good at paying out, vets will accept them for paying direct. They don't lure you in with cheap first year prices only to hike it up hugely when it comes to renewal like a lot do either
  11. Looking for a dog walker with good reputation to walk my dog. He is a medium sized mongrel who is five and a half. He is a nice dog but timid and can be lead reactive and barky though is friendly with other dogs off lead. He prefers women to men and is shy at first. Looking for someone patient who has Insurance and DBS check. Pet first aid is a bonus.
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