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  1. Hi I attended Annes road from 1952 to 1958 then on to newfield boys. We lived at 160 prospect road about 5 houses above the sheaf view hotel the put is still open but totally changed over the years. we lived in back to back houses they were very small and only had one downstairs room one bedroom attic and a cellar. Yes thats right no toilet or bathroom in those days just a zinc bath once or twice a week if you were lucky. Just a coal fire to keep warm in the winter people used to warm a metal plates in the oven and then wrap it in a sheet and put it in bed to take the cold chill away. Thankfully those days are long gone and we all now hopefully have a good standard of accomidation. My cousin also went to annes road and carfield about the same time is name is Keith Ferris. Hope you enjoy your visit I have been to Aus and it's wonderful Ian
  2. Hi Nat My wife had the same problem as you and she was fine after, so fingers crossed girl our thoughts are with you xx
  3. Jenkin Road from brightside to wincobank(try walking up it!!)
  4. REF. RAF Norton There were only balloons there, it was built to look like an areodrome, to attract the german bombers away from the east end steelworks of, John Browns and The English Steel company who were making shells for the war. They were build in many cities in the north and midlands.
  5. Yes You are spot on the Canary was the first Restaurant in sheffield, but chinese, not indian. We used to go drinking up West Street in the late 60's and fall in there for Chicken Chop Suey, and in them days it came with a fried egg on the top. Cost around 10 bob (50 pence ) today. HAPPY DAYS
  6. Banksia Nice to read your notice re. Anns road school I was there from 1952 to 58 You will remember Miss Hargreaves and Mr Eyre and Mr Hooper he also ran the play centre (happy Days) I then move to Newfield School left in 1962, and revisited this year for the first time. We walked all the way around the school, and nothing as changed, all the rooms are same with the original doors seems a little run down. The tennis courts are all over grown,but we had some happy times. I went to school when Barry Wilkinson Roy Jepson Trevor Bingham all lived around your area. BET YOU PLAYED ON THE DOCKER!!! We lived on Prospect Road near Silcocks Pub Been to Australia (Wollengong) NSW Great going again next year Regards IAN
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