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  1. My local mosque recently married two lesbians.
  2. The tendency of global markets to agglomerate into less complex oligopolies kinda puts a dampener on the anarcho capitalists here trying to reanimate the corpse of the free market. The honest craftsmen selling his wares in the global market place is an illusion, instead vast international corporations hold the cards.
  3. Er, I think I answered this in my post. There are no suggestions to be made. Just to wait for the snake to eat it's tail and hope one is still alive in the dung heap that is left. Your faith is touching, and naive.
  4. Free market rhetoric is like the religious chanting of monks who's belief that their deity will provide a better life is unassailable. There is no proof that privateers will provide better service, greater efficiency or exemplary customer service, these are articles of faith. Economics is not a science and proofs cannot be made. This is not a partisan argument, public sector provision is terribly flawed. Regrettably, there is no solution, powerful vested interests on both sides will prevent any meaningful change and good suggestions from the uninitiated will be ignored.
  5. Everyone pays for commercial TV too, the cost of all those adverts is added to your shopping bill each week. £15.5bn in 2010, better value than BBC?
  6. Another sterling effort at the forum's most popular thread. Airline fuel subsidies do they fall into the same category? Those who don't fly still pay for fuel through their taxes, effectively subsidising frequent flyers.
  7. Today I have read two interesting articles on the same subject http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/mark-donne-shelfstackers-arent-the-only-victims-6291436.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jan/18/pays-tesco-ceo-wages-we-do I think the authors have a point, that is, that tax credits and other 'in work benefits' constitute a subsidy for corporate profit. There is a link here with the venomous spouting over that young lady who complained about her poundland experience. Trickle up economics.
  8. Some Tax code assumptions in that calculator, but I guess you're roughly right. well I never. Ho hum, still 90k is not to be sniffed at, what you gonna do with another 60K!
  9. "its 50p taken away from every £1.00 I earn" That's not true though is it. It's 50p taken away from every pound you earn over £150,000. Quite a different kettle of fish
  10. "I dont see Obama or Congress flirting with the idea of doing anything like that for their own future well being" You don't see it 'cos I suspect you are not looking
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2074593/Obama-abandons-veto-security-turn-US-military-domestic-police-force.html I have been unable to find any other UK paper covering this historic story except the daily mail. Very limited coverage in the US too. US citizens can now be arrested, held indefinitely and tortured without recourse to a trial. Obama has forgone his right to veto the act putting to bed 220 years of constitutional protection for US citizens. Why the global media hush? Am i just spelling it wrong?
  12. I wonder Pete Morris, how much your nausea might grow over the coming months. The potential for what we are calling the euro crisis to swallow up the livelihoods of millions of europeans, yours included, is frightening. Or what quisquose said...
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