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  1. It WILL end, just ride it out as best you can ((hugs))
  2. "Relax! I've only ever had proper flu once, about 5 years ago, and if it really is flu, you're not going anywhere. You feel so bad, you can't even get out of bed, much less get to work. We had a doctor who said he has a test. He puts a £20 note in the garden. If you can get it, you've only got a bad cold!!" Finally someone talking sense about what having proper flu is really like. I got flu during an epidemic one christmas - (maybe 8-10 years ago). I lost 1 stone in weight, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, it was an effort just to get up out of bed and go to the loo. I felt like death, every muscle and bone aching for 7 long days. The onset was very rapid, one minute I was feeling fine, within 45 mins I was feeling like I was at deaths door - that's the difference between a cold and flu. If you really have flu as opposed to a bad cold you wouldn't be able to drive into work let alone do anything once you got there.
  3. Got a quote for £700 for my '96 BMW 323i from we buy any car. Really needed to sell it so took the car down there. I didn't embellish any details or not tell them about any scratches/damage etc. Took it to the Carcraft place in Sheffield - anyway, the dealer soon did his inspection and drew on his little diagram of where there was supposedly damage and offered £250 - ridiculous! Sold it on AutoTrader for more than the original £700 offered. Had loads of phone calls and it was gone the next day - well worth the tenner to run the ad. You have to go in there knowing that they're going to beat you down on the price. I wouldn't bother again - AutoTrader was the best way!
  4. Luybell - I completely emphathize with you! Its a nightmare is't it. After all that picking stuff out online, then arranging a time for delivery, then waiting for them, then getting that sinking feeling that no, they're not going to show up - and on a Sunday too. I live alone and have no car - I just go once a week and get as much as I can, although with kids Im sure you have much more food to get in.
  5. I like the new format. The main plus point is that as AppleMac said - you don't have your ads replied to in public by muppets trying say you're asking too much, and their mate Dave has one for cheaper - it just spoils it. If you're not interested - move on! If you think it's incorrectly priced- move on, we don't care about your opinion. Point to improve would be when you choose a photo you can only choose one, then if you want to add more you have to edit your ad once you post it. I think the home and garden section could cover so many things - tools, furniture, curtains, carpets, kitchen items, plants.....etc could we have a furniture section or a white goods section?
  6. The Cathedral is well known for drunks and druggies. Thankfully I've never been approached by any of them. The cathedral area down towards the job centre - I have seen many drunks, passed out outside job centre plus and other occasions where people are walking down the street (back of cathedral) can-in-hand yelling at each other in the day time. Im sorry your son was upset, useless junkies!
  7. from what I remember, the last episode is repeated wednesday night on E4 around 10/11pm. They've always showed the previous episode before the new one on a Thursday - keep an eye out!
  8. Will says "I'd like a pint of lager please". Barman says "Stella?" Will says "noooo lager!" - duh! :hihi: Absolutely bloody brilliant!
  9. Ive been selling something, had 3 people ask me if its still available, Ive said yes and then never heard from them again! Whats that all about?!! ....that's happened to me too, it's annoying. I suppose they didn't want it that much after all. That's all I can think.
  10. The that ad for the air freshner where the little boy says over and over - 'mummy I want to do a pooooo' 'I want to do a poo in Paul's toilet' and of course....I'm Confused.com - I've noticed people are starting to say the phrase 'I'm confused.com' in everyday speech - ahh!!
  11. Ghozer - just out of interest why do you not like Google toolbar?
  12. I went to my GP in Sheffield recently about some pains I've been having in my right arm and hand - I believe some form of RSI (repetitive Strain Injury). I know that it's from working on a PC all day everyday - but that's my job - I can't NOT use a PC for my work. Anyway, I explained the symptoms I was experiencing and the GP seemed very vague on what it could be, she kept trying to suggest it was carpell tunnel (which incidentally only aftects three fingers and the wrist not the whole hand and fingers & thumb). She then looked up RSI on Wikipedia right there in front of me! I have to say I was a bit taken a back. Has anyone else's GP done this? After all Wikipedia is not a bonafide resource - i.e. people can add whatever they like to it whether it's true or not - but more so I was just shocked that she essentially just 'googled' the problem. In the end she told me just to take 400mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day - huh? Oh well, not a long term solution, maybe I will have to change careers instead.
  13. Undercover Tourist provide genuine Disney Discounts on all Disney tickets. They are well known on the net for many attraction tickets in Orlando. They are an 'Authorised Disney Ticket Seller' more info and link here:- http://www.best-orlando-getaways.com/disney-theme-park-tickets.html
  14. I don't know if Vodka Rev counts as West St or Division St. but I used to like going there...until a friend has HIS drink spiked and ended up in hospital! Cavendish is OK, though.
  15. Hi Winter, I have first hand experience renting from C&H recently. Dont worry too much. Your deposit (as another poster said) will be in one of three gov't schemes. When I rented from them, it was put into one of these schemes. At the the end of the lease C&H have 10 days to notify you of any deduction they want to take from the deposit, then they will send you a check for the balance. When I finished up my lease, they charged £35 for carpet shampooing - that was it. Unfortunately, you have to arrange for the carpets to be cleaned. Aside from that, when the guy came from C&H to inspect the flat, he checked everywhere for dirt etc and counted everything that was listed on the inventory and he said I needed to clean in a few places more....really minor things like 'the bed frame was dusty' 'clean behind the tv stand' so I said I'd clean them right away, he left and I got a check within 10 days no probs. C&H - I rented from them for 12months, then I wasn't sure what my circumstances were going to be - I asked them if I could rent on a month to moth basis - the answer was no - they'd rather get someone in on a contract - it's just greed on their part - incidentally the property was vacant for about 4 months after I left. They too told me to pay £75 renewal fee if I wanted to stay on - it's just BS, but it is their call. Its just photocopying some papers and changing the dates. it's a rip off but thats how they make their money. Im glad I didn't renew but I was lucky to find a bigger place at the time. I agree, the staff are rude and unfriendly - you'd be lucky to get a hello, or a smile at any time. Any time you ring up for a issue, be prepared for them to say they no nothing about it and they will contact the owner (yeah, I could have done that myself). Good luck with everything, let us know how you get on.
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