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  1. The 1735 is operated by First,I was waiting for this bus myself,I saw one of the CSOs acting clever about how he was going to phone TM Travel up to have a go...I do hope he did lol
  2. Ive been using TM Travel buses for a number of years now,Ive never had an issue with any of them in sheffield.In fact ive found most of the drivers to be quite pleasant,not the best buses in the world but they have always got me to where I want to go. Pitty the same cant be said for Rotherham,ive used a couple of their services recently to Hoyland and Maltby.The trips in question have been more of an ordeal than a journey. Scruffy loud mouth drivers with no consideration for anyone,a couple of times the drivers seemed to think it was more important to have their fags than keep the bus running on time. Their buses in the bus station seem to be a general meeting area for all the drivers and the swearing can frequently be heard even from the Interchange area. Ill stick to sheffield in future I think, one of their drivers told me they have serious staffing issues with a lot of drivers that simply cant be bothered to go work.
  3. No you cant,its about time people using this service realise that you cant use Travel Masters to get to Gunstones and you cant travel to Gunstones on a child concession. Simple fact is that the journey ends in Derbyshire so any stages past Lowedges do not qualify for SY Concession. The only exception to this rule was the one service in the morning than runs to the railway station for the purpose of dropping school kids off.
  4. Its all down to the operator,if they dont want to offer student discounts they dont have to. They can also add as many restrictions as they like as they absorb the loss of revenue for the difference between full fare and reduced student fare.
  5. Yorkshire Traction is now slavecoach and was born the child of a drunken encounter behind the bins at tescos.
  6. Does that count as an addition as Trent Barton is the parent company of TM Travel
  7. Just to clarify,if you are aged between 11-16 and you do not have a pass for concession its full fare. If you are from outside south yorkshire again its full fare as you are not entitled to the concession anyway. Every child between 11-16 should have a concession pass,if they do not have one then its the fault of the parents when they are caught out,oh sorry no its everyone elses fault.
  8. Dont you just love when people get caught out and then kick off as if a great injustice has been done,its a bit like a burglar phoning the police when his house gets turned over.
  9. If a child does not have their pass with them the rules are simple,they are not entitled to a concession. This is not a new rule its been around for many years,I always make sure my kids have their pass with them when they go out and if they were to come home saying they had paid full fare for not having it,I would have no sympathy for them as it would be their own fault.
  10. Used Foxhill Garage for many years and take my car there for the MOT every year,they are down to earth people and dont offer a pushy "we will fix it for you" policy. Even when my cars have failed the have always offered good sound advice.
  11. Sheffield bus operators are not paid by the council to run services,only certain tendered journeys are funded this way the majority of services are run on a commercial basis Operators recieve payment for concessions after the period of travel so until a pass has been used the operator gets no payment.
  12. Its on Mill Lane as you go through winthorpe
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