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  1. Thank you very much Amie for getting in touch, I've made a note of your contact details
  2. I'm getting married next August on a Friday, late afternoon but, as we are a 'cough' more mature couple I haven't been able to find any examples of wedding photographs of an older bride/groom. I understand that photographers will put young and attractive couples on their galleries but I don't know where to start! I'd be looking for someone who could take mainly candid shots from about an hour before the wedding at the venue where we get married and have our wedding party then for a couple of hours during the ceremony and meal. It's going to be fairly informal, we'll walk down the aisle together for the ceremony so no hiding the bride from the groom mullarkey or 'giving away' Any suggestions/PMs gratefully received!
  3. In the Telegraph article from 4 years ago it said he made use of his over 60's bus pass so I guess he is more 65 than 55
  4. I was in the tailbacks last Thursday and couldn't get the sight out of my mind, even though apart from the bike and a car on a closed road there was nothing really to indicate what had happened. When I heard the details I couldn't stop thinking about it but was thinking of the reasons he hasn't been identified: someone who lived on his own, someone whose work colleagues wouldn't miss him not being there, a teacher perhaps? Someone whose neighbours would think he was on holiday? Awful situation.
  5. I'd had a few calls from that number-looked it up on Google and said it was a hearing aid cold call centre so when it rang again I picked it up and pretended I couldn't hear anything. I then pretended I was talking to someone in the room with me and said' I can't hear anything, can you, George... I SAID I CANT HEAR ANYTHING, ARE YOU DEAF GEORGE? Made me laugh to myself:hihi:
  6. Thanks everyone - my laptop is in the healing hands of Dr Gosh as I write!
  7. Hello clever techie people . I am in urgent need of help with my Dell personal laptop which I use rarely since I got my iPad and I'm hoping you can recommend somewhere that I can take it for same day-ish service My WORK laptop has been infected by a virus and it has corrupted all my files so all my working documents can't be opened. The laptop has been cleaned remotely by our IT department (in Ireland) but it has to be sent back to them to attempt file recovery and it will be the end of next week before I get it back. I'm a rep and work from home. As it's month end there are several things I need to do with work documents that I was hoping to get sent to my personal computer but it took almost an hour to start up last night then another hour to get on to my e mail and I gave up trying to open a spreadsheet a colleague sent me. When I switched it off, it started to install Windows updates but is stuck on the 6th of 6 with nothing happening. Is there anyone/ anywhere that does same day (ish) laptop repairs that can help me out of this pickle Thank you for reading!
  8. I don't think OP is being a drama queen - I lived in a 1920's semi which was very well constructed but when my neighbour cooked chips the frying smell filled our back bedroom and bathroom, it was awful especially when I was pregnant . Perhaps there is an extractor fan downstairs and it's sending the smoke via the cavity walls?
  9. Coccyx is the posh name for the tailbone - that bit right at the bottom of your spine above your bum. I fell hard on to mine and it is the most painful thing for weeks but you can't do anything to make it better
  10. Unfortunately you can't compare one against the other- there aren't any logical parallels! You could say that she has spent over half her life getting where she is now - she's only 26 and has been anticipating in sport since she was 11 or earlier (I only say 11 cos she was in the same year as my son at school and sports awards ceremonies were dominated by her (nicely)even back then) So proportionally she may have put in the same hours as your hubby although that doesn't devalue what he has done, it's just different!
  11. No they're not - I travel round the area for my job and when the traffic news comes through on my radio, it's the same people giving travel out for Leeds, York and Sheffield. Hence them not knowing that Psalter Lane is pronounced 'Salter' not 'Fishalter'
  12. I also wanted a Tiny Tears but what I wanted more than anything (but never got) was a Spirograph :-( I had a Sindy (but no wardrobe) but I really wanted a Tressie - a bizarre Barbie wannabee who had a button in her stomach which when you pressed it you could pull her ponytail and it grew longer (ooerr missus)
  13. I saw them filming too towards the end of July - the catering etc was on Surprise View car park then saw a couple of other locations so was good to see the finished article!
  14. Heard on 52 bus many years ago: Woman A Maybe tha's got a germ Woman B Naww, it weren't a germ, if it were a germ it would've gone straight up me nooers (nose)
  15. Popolo in Leopold Square was a lovely venue for my fella's big birthday in January. We met for drinks downstairs and had a table upstairs set out for 16. I'd been in earlier and put balloons on the table but they don't allow confetti - those sparkly foil things - the food and service was wonderful, no waiting for everyone to get their meals. Thoroughly recommend!
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