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  1. Sorry been away - no we didn't complain, we just won't go again ---------- Post added 28-12-2013 at 16:43 ---------- Went there yesterday, service is poor and the main course wasn't too good either, have to pay £1.50 extra for gravy to go with Yorkshire pudd, meal too dry without it. Veg must have just been dipped in hot water. Small portions not available.!!!!!! The £1.50 price quoted is for a specialist Merlot Gravy, which is really the equivalent of a sauce and same price as the blue cheese, peppercorn or béarnaise sauces. According to the menu all Sunday lunch choices can be served as half portions at half price and a number of other dishes can be ordered in smaller portions along with a children's selection. ---------- Post added 24-12-2013 at 17:14 ---------- Why not! it gives them the opportunity to put things right and ensure things are better for the next customer and deal with the areas of underperformance whether that be staff, ingredients or the actual preparation. I agree if you didn't like don't return, but at least let them know why otherwise they will think all was ok. Sorry but we asked for a smaller portion and the waitress said they didn't do them and we were also refused a child's portion. I asked couldn't they just not put as much on the plate and we were given a blank look we were willing to pay full price for a smaller portion just so that I would not be over faced with too much on my plate.
  2. Went there yesterday, service is poor and the main course wasn't too good either, have to pay £1.50 extra for gravy to go with Yorkshire pudd, meal too dry without it. Veg must have just been dipped in hot water. Small portions not available. Puddings were nice but we had to ask for custard. Will give it a miss next time we eat "posh nosh"
  3. People who are unhappy and insecure go to see Clairvoyants - they make a fortune out of them. Try to sort your problems out yourself, don't throw your money away to these people.
  4. My daughter went to see her - she told her she would live to be well into her 70's. She got breast cancer later and she always said that YC had said she would live to her 70s. She died aged 39 but she never lost that faith
  5. Really??? Are you kidding me??? I was thinking about the Bolehills in Crookes just one firework with 30 inside ---------- Post added 01-10-2013 at 13:37 ---------- The fireworks went off a treat on the Bolehills on Friday September 27th. They were in memory of my late son's birthday
  6. I think so - perhaps no loud noises
  7. Someone told me that you could get fined for setting off fireworks before mid October. I don't know what the law says in Sheffield. Where can I go to find out?
  8. Can anyone tell me if it's legal to set off a firework on September. The firework is quiet - no bangs
  9. Does anybody know where I can take my unwanted telephones to be re-cycled? Thanks
  10. Hi I worked there in 58/60. I started off at the top of the building near Jewelery typing envelopes. I have great knowledge of towns and counties. After that I worked in accounts and I was one of 12 or 14 chosen from the whole firm to learn to use an accounting machine. "A Burroughs Sensimatic Accounting Machine Operator" under the keen eye of a large lady with a bun on top of her head and she looked Chinese called Miss something or other the name will not come to me. I left there about 1960 and went to work at Gee's Wallpapers in Norfolk Street as an Accounting Machine Operator and have more or less been a bookkeeper all my life running my own business. J G Graves led me on to the right road in life and I am very grateful to them and all that sailed in them!!!
  11. Some so called clairvoyants will come to a house and read tarot cards for 5 or 6 people at £25 or more each - don't do it. Not a bad earner? Gift of the gab is all you need to make £150 in a couple of hours.
  12. Please don't waste your money on superstitious nonsense. These clairvoyants/spiritualists play on vulnerable people and make a lot of money out them. People go to see them when they feel insecure and unsure of their future or grieving for a lost loved one. Been there worn the tee shirt. I could tell quite a few true stories about some clairvoyants in Sheffield - so please keep well away from them and as someone else said give the money to charity.
  13. Winton Cooper conducted a fantastic interview with Marti Caine not long before she died I would love to hear it again. This story has been dropped from the 10 o'clock news on Radio Sheffield - Rony Robinson will be talking to Dinah Maiden about Winton later in the RR Show this morning.
  14. So did I and I definitely do not agree with you
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