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  1. she was far from Canadian. American in fact, and no; she works at Remo's up the road now.
  2. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v6...r/NewFlyer.jpg Henrys Carpet Skip, with Special Guests Tianenmen and Maes Lost Empire @ The Grapes, Trippet Lane, 7:30pm, July 3rd. £3 entry. This is to be Henrys Carpet Skip's first show of original material since the disbanding, and re-establishment between December 07 and April 08. It'll kick off our 2008 tour and be the first show to exhibit an array of new songs, and a whole bunch of re-designed old songs. As well as a couple of covers that went down very well at the WSL Cover Lovers show on May 4th. We hope to see you there! Ross
  3. I might have to find some way of recording this, cos I'll be at a Bon Jovi concert
  4. Hahaha, dear Lord, that's hilarious in a worrying way. With that sort of attitude, I'm sure I'll see him at work sometime soon
  5. The police do what they have to do. They're very well trained in high speed driving and so long as people pay attention when sirens are blazing, things tend to run smoothly.
  6. I've been to Cream a few times and thought it was great! The food, while expensive, is really good quality and certainly tantalises my taste buds. I've seen the coffee being made mostly by one guy recently and I have to say, he's really good at it! The staff do seem a little bit unorganised at the minute; but it's a new business. They opened 4 weeks ago so you can't expect everything to be running perfectly and smoothly like a brilliantly oiled cafe that's been an established business for some time now. They'll get there, give them a break! I do think the prices are pretty expensive, but like I said, I've been in there a few times and I don't mind paying them for what I'm getting (good quality coffee, nice atmosphere, friendly environment - from fellow customers, and contrary to popular opinion, the staff! - and lest we forget right now, a break from the bitter temperatures outside!). I really do implore them to lower the prices slightly, because like a few of you have said, students basically won't pay it. I'll mention it next time I'm there. It seems that in the earlier posts on this thread, a number of people have an inability to have their own opinion, with comments like "Well I won't be going there then!" et al. Did you people forget to read those comments where people have had a positive experience at Cream? Surely you should be jumping on that bandwagon as well? Do yourselves a favour and get out there and experience something. If you're going to make comments about Cream, go there, taste their coffee, taste their food, sit on their furnishings, take in the decor - only then will your opinion on the place be valid. And that's not just about Cream, that's about absolutely anything at all. And one other point in a similar light - if you have a complaint or comment or advice or anything for the place, I'm absolutely certain the owners would love it if you spoke to them about it. Let us not forget that it's a brand new company and they NEED the advice and feedback from the community so that they CAN sort out these issues. I'm sure they'd actually LOVE to hear from you, be it positive or negative. There's nothing that irritates me more than people who hide behind the shield of THE INTERNET and bitch about this or that and then never comment about it to the people themselves. Oh and that thing about the Danish owner... I'm fairly sure racism isn't tollerated on these forums, and if it is, it bloody well shouldn't be.
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