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  1. Mrs O'Hara is my aunt and I can happily inform you that she is well and very active. I will show her this thread and I have no doubt you will get a personal response
  2. I've built a few sites and use Streamline.net and also One.com Both have web building software but they can be inflexible for what you want to add to the site. Both companies have been good and I have not experienced any downtime with them. Streamline charge around £35 per annum and have offers to get domain names. One.com charge only £10 or £15 first year then around £25 after that. PM if you need any more help with the site
  3. Just thought you might like to try checking http://www.jeffswheelchairwalks.net should anyone be looking to get out and about but need wheelchair friendly walks
  4. Hi all, there is a new web site at http://www.jeffswheelchairwalks.net which might be useful if you are looking for walks that are wheelchair friendly
  5. Try Gary Allen on 2492122. Can't comment on price but did a good plastering job for me
  6. For a really good decorator I can recommend Mick Mitchell on 0114 245 4383. Did my hall stairs and landing, stripped old paper, repapered, painted paper and glossed all woodwork. Great job done in three and a half days. After making allowances for the fact he is an Owls man I can say he did a great job.
  7. Andy and Stu of F C Bros Ltd have just built some decking for me and did a great job. They are general builders and can be contacted on 07967 822906 (Andy). A pleasure to do business with them.
  8. Hi. I am using sitegrinder and while I agree with shakermaker, I have found it a really good tool for someone who can use Photoshop but is not up in html. You can download the demo without paying to get the feel of whether it will be useful or not. I did and bought the full version for about £120
  9. I have recently started to get the following error message when using Photoshop with a plug-in called Sitegrinder. I have been running these programs for some months without problem but now get the following The instruction at xxxxxxxxxx referenced memory at xxxxxxxxxx The memory could not be written The references are different each time I have 512Mb of RAM running XP and I know Photoshop works the memory hard with the graphics. Will adding more RAM be the solution anybody? All my other programs are running fine. I have done virus scans, anti spyware scans, defragged and cleaned the registry and cleaned the memory as much as possible. Thanks in advance Klingon2me
  10. we would love to know as in one of my earlier posts I said I could not see any notice about the limits on First buses
  11. Bus is already stopped in traffic but well away from the stop so instead of waiting to get to the stop drivers open the doors there and then
  12. EmilyM - you miss the point - be polite and kind at all times not just when there is plenty of space on the bus - basic manners dictate you take your turn not push in when you feel like it mr_busdriver - pay shouldn't come into it. If you don't like the pay re-train and get a better paid job. If you are working at any job you should try to get it right every time and I would sooner be alive at the end of a bus ride than dead as a result of standing near the driver and going through the windscreen
  13. I have looked for the maximum standing notice on several occasions without finding it so if you can tell me where it is kept I will check then we can see if it is adhered to. As to the other points, if the people who work for the bus company ,i.e. First, were good at their job or even strived to be good at their job, then the problems that I have mentioned and obviously many others from your reply, would not occur. Bring back "the good old days" when these problems didn't seem to exist. If I don't do my job correctly I am criticised as well so why should bus drivers and their employers be immune
  14. For the last 4 weeks I have begun travelling into Sheffield on the bus and am now considering reverting to the car despite the convenience of the bus stops and Sheffield city centre not being car-friendly. I am disgusted with a number of things about bus travel in general and have had my eyes opened at how different the public's attitude is to when I was a regular bus user many years ago. Only half the people wanting a particualr bus will queue for it on the correct side of the bus stop. The other congregate at the front so that they can rush on before the rest of us orderly members of the public (and probably older members of the public at that). The drivers are a menace for a number of reasons. My experience is that you either get a Lewis Hamilton wannabe or someone practising for a job delivering snail mail. They regularly open the doors well before the actual stop which means those at the stop rush forward thus endangering their own lives and ensuring that anybody who waits for the bus to arrive at the stop usually either misses it altogether or has to stand. There used to be a limit on how many people could stand on the bus and this was displayed for all to see. Now the driver just crams us in like sardines. I pay my money just like everybody else (soon to be more in January) so why can't they put more buses on the crowded routes at peak times and ensure that we all get a seat. Enough of my ranting. What do you think?
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