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  1. how long now before all the excuses on gumtree,etc dog for sale , i dont have time anymore,i,m pregnant,i have to move home my new landlord will not allow pets, watch this space
  2. great can you leave me a contact number ill give you a call with more info cheers
  3. do you still want to play, do you play lead or ryhthm cheers
  4. hi did you ever get fixed up with anything cheers
  5. did you ever get fixed up with anything cheers
  6. are they still having live bands on now cheers
  7. looking for entertainment for a pub in sheffield new years eve pref a band,if not duo or singer who can perform songs from 60s to present cheers
  8. just been for sunday lunch at the sringvale,this is not the first time and each time it has been faultless,great staff, hot food,and at 2 for 12 pounds with a desert fantastic value for money,so if you want to go for sunday lunch it is well worth the visit
  9. hi what age are you do you play rhythm or lead cheers
  10. hutchinsons motors at malin bridge second to none tel 2340195 oh and i dont work for them all my family and some friends go there
  11. hi i am the drummer in a classic rock band , the charity game run from the hillsboro club? if so what about our band playing for your charity one evening cheers steve
  12. hi are you looking for any new bands to play at you pub cheers
  13. hi i know this is a different subject,is there any chance you can send me an email address so i can forward some song clips of our classic rock band . we are looking for some new venues to play many thanks steve
  14. hi i heard you were closing?/// ps do you still have live bands playing?
  15. hi is it near yellow arch we may be interested cheers steve.
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