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  1. Thanks for your reply Eten Cafe...i know your location and i will call in when im back in Sheffield..much appreciated..
  2. Hi Julie and thanks! Im coming back home in July so that would be great thank you, maybe you could let me know which pub it is and i could give them a quote (inbox might be better) thanks again....
  3. Great to read all the memories...my first game at Hillsborough was 31st August 1966. It was a night match against Aston Villa and Wednesday won 2-0. I was 6 years old and i remember it as if it was yesterday. It was a sunny evening and i was fascinated by the size of the floodlight pylons as i walked up to the ground. We always went in the south stand and i distinctly remember walking through the white brick corridor behind the seats and walking up them and seeing my first ever view of the ground. The green of the pitch struck me straight away, then the north stand opposite which had flags of the world on the roof (i was well into flags when i was a kid!). I remember the noise as the teams came out and everyone seemed to have a woolly blue and white scarf which they raised above their heads as the players ran out. There were rattles which made a row and my cousin always brought a great big owl on a stick made out of wood (home made of course). The half time pies were always great at Hillsborough along with an Oxo which was too hot to hold in my 6 year old hands! Im 54 now but that day has always stuck in my memory, good and bad days have come and gone but you never forget your first one do you?
  4. Hi i wonder if anyone can help.After living in London for 9 years i am returning to Sheffield and im looking for pubs that have live music as im a singer/guitarist looking for work. The sort of audience im aiming for is 30-40-50+ age group so im not looking for trendy bars, just good places for a singer with backing tracks to perform...thanks for your help!
  5. Well i started this thread in 2007 all of 5 years ago now and im surprised and delighted that ex employees are still commenting on it now! Tizzertaylor i remember you mate, i remember you starting there you were tiny!! you did grow up im glad to say but yes we had some banter in those days about wednesday and united didnt we it was always so painful when our team lost and you had to face the crap on monday mornings! hope things are going well for you mate i left sheffield 6 years ago and im now singing in pubs down london. Craig2010 i do remember your mum i was there the same time as her but im afraid i cant remember your dad..and its such a long time ago i cant even remember fancying your sister lol..what is her name? Getting old now mate the memory is going... If there are any more memories of Loxleys out there keep them coming its been great catching up again tonight.
  6. Yes i remember it clearly too, Bestie was a proper hero to us lads at that time and it was exciting to think he was at a school in Sheffield. When i started work a few years later i worked with a lad who was one of the players Bestie coached as he was in the school team. Steve Wilde was his name i dont know if you know him. He used to say it was great but Bestie didnt seem interested most of the time!!
  7. Hi Martin1print i was very shocked to hear about the death of Mark Neylan i had many happy years working with him at loxleys. I was an apprentice in the comps from 76-80 so i think i might have just missed you. Mark was just coming out of his time when i started and along with Neil Mackley and Steve Wilde we used to have such a laugh in those times. They were a few years older than me and i was amazed that they used to mess about all the time, coming straight from school i thought work was supposed to be serious. George Frost was often the target for their pranks, always flicking type at his head when he was hard at work doing OSh!!! do you remember that!! I saw Mark, must be about 4 years ago now in the supermarket and i didnt recognise him he had lost all his hair i remember him with long hair in a mullet!! We did stay in touch for a while after i left loxleys to go to garnetts and it was such sad news to hear about him. I have passed the news on to some others im still in touch with including Paul Ward, who was an apprentice on the letterpress when you were there do you remember him? Thanks for the post mate and hope things improve this year wherever you are working.
  8. Hi everyone i worked at Loxley's from 1976-85 and i recognise some of the names mentioned here, people stayed at Loxleys for years didnt they?? I missed the anniversary party a few years ago and it would have been nice to go back and have a look around. Ive posted quite a few messages on previous threads about Loxleys and its good to see Sharrovian on here again. Hello Don and a merry christmas to you! Christmas brings back so many good memories of my time there as a young apprentice in the comps and getting dressed up and going down to the Bridge pub on Heeley bottom for a major drinking session!! Happy days!!! All the best to anyone else who may know me.
  9. If Drinkingman is around can he post the pic of my dad and some of the staff in the canteen from around 1980. It was a brilliant pic but my laptop crashed and i lost all my pics! I know John Peace has asked about it, but it wasnt my original John it was Drinkingman's!! good to hear from you though.
  10. I missed out on the open day a while ago but would love to go back to Loxleys for a look around, yes i bet it has changed a bit since the old days, i had more good days than bad there, look back on it with a lot of affection.
  11. hi Chimay i had to laugh at your post i am also a Sheffielder living in the deep south and my partner looked at me gone out when i referred to crumpets as pikelets the other day! What's a pikelet she exclaimed??? There is no such thing as a crumpet, they may call it that on the packet but it is always a pikelet to me! love em with lashings of butter or melted cheese with a bit of HP or Hendersons drizzled on...and you are right, you cant get Hendersons down here, have to stock up in Sheffield when im there...and you are right, they dont have breadcakes down here and you have to ask for a chip roll instead of a butty in the 'chip oyl'...we will have to get them civilized down here won't we my friend!!
  12. hi Valann yes i remember your dad he was a lovely man, along with Bill Matthews they were a great 'double act', they always had a friendly word for me, as a young apprentice starting out in work it was well appreciated! Knew Diane as well, along with the other girls we always had lots of laughs. Brian Brittain had moved from the readers when i started and had moved into the office. Good to hear from you.
  13. I thought the youth club had been knocked down with the rest of the old school!! Is it still being used as a youth club then donna? Im not in Sheffield very often and i was shocked when I saw the school flattened...was sad to see!!
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